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The County of Union has a commission form of government. Commissioners are elected at-large to six-year terms and one or two Commissioners are elected at each General Election in November of even-numbered years. The Board consists of five (5) members.

The Union County Board of Commissioners deal with a variety of issues relating to the management of the County which includes the annual budget, consideration of ordinances and resolutions, approval of claims of all County departments, negotiation and approval of labor contracts, animal control issues, Highway Department issues and other duties relating to the day-to-day operations of the County. The Commissioners elect the Chairman and Vice Chairman each year from their ranks.

The Union County Board of Commissioners have regular meeting on the second and fourth Friday of each month which are open to the public. Special meetings may be held from time to time. By statute, the County Clerk is the Clerk of the County Board of Commissioners and keeps all records pertaining to official Board action. The County Clerk attests all documents acted upon by the Board of Commissioners and prepares the minutes, or written record of each meeting’s actions, for approval. The State’s Attorney is legal adviser to the County Board of Commissioners.

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