The Appoint­ed State’s Attor­ney shall serve until Novem­ber 30, 2020 at which time the posi­tion will be filled by the win­ner of the Novem­ber 2020 Gen­er­al Election.

The State’s Attor­ney is respon­si­ble for all crim­i­nal cas­es with­in the coun­ty.  The State’s Attor­ney is also respon­si­ble for Juve­nile Court and men­tal health pro­ceed­ings, child pro­tec­tion cas­es, and pro­vid­ing legal con­sul­ta­tion to local gov­ern­ment offi­cials (such as the Coun­ty Board). The State’s Attor­ney con­trols the inter­nal oper­a­tors of his/her office.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To com­mence and pros­e­cute all actions, suits, indict­ments and pros­e­cu­tions, civ­il and crim­i­nal, in the cir­cuit court for the county.
  • To pros­e­cute all for­feit­ed bonds and rec­og­nizances, all actions and pro­ceed­ings for the recov­ery of debts, rev­enues, mon­eys, fines, penal­ties, and for­fei­tures accru­ing to the State or the coun­ty, or to any school dis­trict or road dis­trict in the coun­ty; also, to pros­e­cute all suits in the coun­ty against rail­road or trans­porta­tion com­pa­nies, which may be pros­e­cut­ed in the name of the Peo­ple of the State of Illinois.
  • To com­mence and pros­e­cute all actions and pro­ceed­ings brought by any coun­ty offi­cer in offi­cial capacity.
  • To defend all actions and pro­ceed­ings brought against the coun­ty, or against any coun­ty or State offi­cer, in offi­cial capac­i­ty, with­in the county.
  • To attend the exam­i­na­tion of all per­sons brought before any judge on habeas cor­pus, when the pros­e­cu­tion is in the county.
  • To attend before judges and pros­e­cute charges of felony or mis­de­meanor, for which the offend­er is required to be rec­og­nized to appear before the cir­cuit court, when in the pow­er to do so.
  • To give opin­ion, with­out fee or reward, to any coun­ty offi­cer in coun­ty, upon any ques­tion or law relat­ing to any crim­i­nal or oth­er mat­ter, in which the peo­ple or the coun­ty may be concerned.
  • To assist the attor­ney gen­er­al when­ev­er it may be nec­es­sary, and in cas­es of appeal from the coun­ty to the Supreme Court, to which it is the duty of the attor­ney gen­er­al to attend, you shall fur­nish the attor­ney gen­er­al at least 10 days before such is due to be filed, a man­u­script of a pro­posed state­ment, brief and argu­ment to be print­ed and filed on before of the peo­ple, in accor­dance with the rules of the Supreme Court.
  • To pay all mon­eys received in trust, with­out delay, to the offi­cer who by law is enti­tled to the cus­tody thereof.
  • To noti­fy, by first class mail, com­plain­ing wit­ness­es of the ulti­mate dis­po­si­tion of the cas­es aris­ing from an indict­ment or an information.
  • To per­form oth­er and fur­ther duties as may, from time to time, be ordered by law.


Posi­tion Qualifications:

Grad­u­ate from an accred­it­ed law school.

Licens­ing by the Illi­nois Supreme Court required.

The appointee shall be a mem­ber of the same polit­i­cal par­ty as the per­son s/he suc­ceeds was at the time of s/his elec­tion and shall be oth­er­wise eli­gi­ble to serve.

Knowl­edge of the legal sys­tem, the laws of the State of Illi­nois and judi­cial sys­tem rules, par­tic­u­lar­ly in the area of crim­i­nal law.

Skill in writ­ten and oral com­mu­ni­ca­tion, par­tic­u­lar­ly in for­mal, oral presentations.

Skill in ana­lyz­ing com­plex infor­ma­tion in the prepa­ra­tion and pros­e­cu­tion of crim­i­nal complaints.

Skill in prepa­ra­tion of all papers filed with the courts and in inde­pen­dent­ly ini­ti­at­ing and fol­low­ing through with all details nec­es­sary for the suc­cess­ful prepa­ra­tion and com­ple­tion of cas­es and work assigned.

Abil­i­ty to work close­ly and coop­er­a­tive­ly with peo­ple from a wide vari­ety of back­grounds and cir­cum­stances, often in high­ly emo­tion­al sit­u­a­tions; to suc­cess­ful­ly coor­di­nate many details at one time; to work under intense pres­sure relat­ed to time and dead­lines as well as high emo­tions; to remain cur­rent on changes in court rules and pro­ce­dures and changes in the laws; to be flex­i­ble in cir­cum­stances which can change rapidly.

Abil­i­ty to learn and effec­tive­ly use the County’s com­put­er soft­ware, orga­nize assigned work and per­form work pro­duc­tive­ly, learn and effec­tive­ly use new meth­ods, pro­ce­dures, and tech­nolo­gies in car­ry­ing out the func­tions of the position.

Abil­i­ty to work cor­dial­ly and effec­tive­ly with vic­tims and wit­ness­es, defense attor­neys, co-work­ers, law enforce­ment and ser­vice agen­cies, pub­lic offi­cials, and the public.

Strong work ethics.

Phys­i­cal and Men­tal Demands:

This posi­tion works pri­mar­i­ly in an office or court­room envi­ron­ment using dic­ta­tion equip­ment and a per­son­al com­put­er. This posi­tion requires the abil­i­ty to with­stand the phys­i­cal and emo­tion­al stress asso­ci­at­ed with extend­ed peri­ods of time dur­ing pre­tri­al and tri­al times.

Work Envi­ron­ment:

Research and case prepa­ra­tion often involve work well beyond office hours.  State’s Attor­ney is on-call.


Please sub­mit the fol­low­ing documents:

Cov­er Letter



Please send the doc­u­ments to the fol­low­ing address:

Union Coun­ty Government

Attn: Human Resource Director

309 West Mar­ket Street

Room 113

Jones­boro, IL 62952


Union Coun­ty Gov­ern­ment is com­mit­ted to nondis­crim­i­na­tion in hir­ing, pro­mo­tion, dis­charge, pay, fringe ben­e­fits and oth­er aspects of employ­ment, on the basis of race, col­or, reli­gion, sex, dis­abil­i­ty, age, nation­al ori­gin, vet­er­an sta­tus, sex­u­al ori­en­ta­tion, gen­der iden­ti­ty, genet­ic infor­ma­tion or ancestry.