April 23, 2018

State’s Attor­ney Releas­es 2017 Annu­al Report

Union Coun­ty State’s Attor­ney Tyler R. Edmonds announced today the release of the State’s Attorney’s Office 2017 Annu­al Report.  High­lights of the report include:

  • 3980 total cas­es filed; 307 felonies filed; 47 sen­tenced to Prison
  • Col­lect­ed over $285,000 in fines and fees from crim­i­nal defen­dants includ­ing over $68,000 in resti­tu­tion to crime victims
  • Pro­vid­ed ser­vices and assis­tance to 767 crime victims
  • Office expen­di­tures over $5,000 under budget

The report also includes a vari­ety of infor­ma­tion regard­ing case fil­ings and out­lines the struc­ture, staffing and fund­ing of the office.  The Annu­al Report may be accessed in PDF for­mat on the Union Coun­ty State’s Attor­ney web­site at

A copy of the Annu­al Report is attached to this release.