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Board of Review

PUBLIC NOTICE The Union County Board of Review will be meeting Thursday, March 24th, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. in the Community Room located in the Union County Courthouse for the purpose of reviewing property assessment complaints and property assessments for the 2021 assessment year.  The deadline for filing complaints for 2021 was February 14th, 2022.

Tammy M. Robinson, Clerk
Union County Board of Review

Jim Haney

Board of Review

309 West Market Street, Room 128
Jonesboro, Illinois 62952

Andrew Clarke

Board of Review Chair

309 West Market Street, Room 128
Jonesboro, Illinois 62952

Jeffery Robinson

Board of Review

309 West Market Street, Room 128
Jonesboro, Illinois 62952

Duties & Responsibilities

The Union County Board of Review consists of three (3) members whom are appointed by the County Board after passing a State administered exam. The Board of Review meets each June to select a Chair and Secretary, formulate and publish rules and regulations for that year’s session. Board of Review also reviews property tax assessments in the County.

The Board of Review accepts and holds hearings on assessment complaints from July to September 10. After September 10, members research values on each complaint filed, thereafter issuing a written decision. The Board of Review duties also consist of intra county equalization, representing County in all State Property Appeal board proceedings, adding omitted property to tax rolls, acting on exemption requests and performing sales ratio studies. Upon completion, Board of Review delivers one set of assessment books to the County Clerk, who then certifies the abstract to the Illinois Department of Revenue.


The Union County Board of review opened June 6, 2022 for the 2022 assessment year. A written complaint may be filed from this date, until 30 days after the publication of the assessment list. These complaints affect the assessments for the 2022 payable 2023 tax year. This is in accordance with section 16-55 of the property tax code.
Board of review complaint forms and rules are available at the supervisor of assessment office, located at 309 w. Market st. Room 128 Jonesboro, IL 62952, or by calling 618-833-8051.

Tammy M. Robinson
Union County
Board of Review-Clerk

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