Decem­ber 4, 2017

State’s Attor­ney Alerts Pub­lic Regard­ing “IRS” Scam

Union Coun­ty State’s Attor­ney Tyler R. Edmonds is alert­ing the pub­lic regard­ing an ongo­ing scam which has been tar­get­ing local res­i­dents.  An indi­vid­ual claim­ing affil­i­a­tion with the “Inter­nal Rev­enue Ser­vice” or “IRS” has placed unso­licit­ed tele­phone calls to Union Coun­ty res­i­dents.  The scam­mer is claim­ing that the cit­i­zen being called owes mon­ey to the IRS and will have a war­rant issued if they do not pro­vide pay­ment.  State’s Attor­ney Edmonds reminds the pub­lic to nev­er pro­vide per­son­al infor­ma­tion such as bank account num­bers or social secu­ri­ty num­bers over the phone to unso­licit­ed callers.   The IRS has addressed such scams recent­ly and has remind­ed the pub­lic that the IRS will nev­er:

  • Call to demand imme­di­ate pay­ment, nor will the agency call about tax­es owed with­out first hav­ing mailed you a bill.
  • Demand that you pay tax­es with­out giv­ing you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to ques­tion or appeal the amount they say you owe.
  • Require you to use a spe­cif­ic pay­ment method for your tax­es, such as a pre­paid deb­it card.
  • Ask for cred­it or deb­it card num­bers over the phone.
  • Threat­en to bring in local police or oth­er law-enforce­ment groups to have you arrest­ed for not paying.

Mem­bers of the pub­lic with ques­tions or report­ing sus­pi­cious activ­i­ty may call the Union Coun­ty State’s Attorney’s Office at 618–833-7216 or the Union Coun­ty Sheriff’s Office at 618–833-5500.  Infor­ma­tion on pro­tect­ing your iden­ti­ty is also avail­able from the Fed­er­al Trade Com­mis­sion at and from the Illi­nois Attor­ney Gen­er­al at or 1–866-999‑5630.  Tax scams may be report­ed to the US Trea­sury Inspec­tor Gen­er­al for Tax Admin­is­tra­tion at 1-(800) 366‑4484 or at