July 8, 2016

State’s Attor­ney Re-appoint­ed to Appel­late Pros­e­cu­tor Board of Governors

Union Coun­ty State’s Attor­ney Tyler R. Edmonds was re-appoint­ed to the Board of Gov­er­nors of the Illi­nois State’s Attor­neys Appel­late Pros­e­cu­tor for a sec­ond term dur­ing a quar­ter­ly Board Meet­ing held in Chica­go on Wednes­day, June 29, 2016.

He is the only Union Coun­ty State’s Attor­ney ever to be a Mem­ber of the Board of Governors.

The Appel­late Pros­e­cu­tor serves as the attor­ney for the Peo­ple of the State of Illi­nois in all crim­i­nal appeals out­side of Cook Coun­ty, pros­e­cutes seri­ous drug cas­es, and acts as Spe­cial Pros­e­cu­tor at the tri­al lev­el for felonies when appoint­ed by the Court.  In addi­tion, the Appel­late Pros­e­cu­tor is the pri­ma­ry train­ing agency for all Illi­nois prosecutors.

The Appel­late Pros­e­cu­tor is respon­si­ble for thou­sands of cas­es each year and is cur­rent­ly han­dling cas­es through­out the state rang­ing from sex­u­al assault to murder.

After his appoint­ment, State’s Attor­ney Edmonds said, “I deeply appre­ci­ate the hon­or giv­en me by my peers, and I will con­tin­ue to focus my efforts on serv­ing the peo­ple of Union Coun­ty and the State of Illinois.”

Appel­late Pros­e­cu­tor Direc­tor Patrick J. Delfi­no stat­ed, “State’s Attor­ney Edmonds is an out­stand­ing pros­e­cu­tor and a high­ly skilled admin­is­tra­tor.  The Board is for­tu­nate to have a mem­ber with his pro­fes­sion­al­ism and legal expertise.”


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Patrick J. Delfino
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