Octo­ber 30, 2012

State’s Attor­ney Alerts Pub­lic Regard­ing Fax Scam

Union Coun­ty State’s Attor­ney Tyler R. Edmonds is alert­ing the pub­lic regard­ing a fax scam received by sev­er­al local busi­ness­es.  The sus­pi­cious fax­es offer to invest­ment mon­ey with the fax recip­i­ent.  Recip­i­ents are request­ed to con­tact the sender by phone, email or fax to arrange a meet­ing in a for­eign coun­try.  These scams often result in inno­cent par­ties pro­vid­ing bank­ing or per­son­al infor­ma­tion to those oper­at­ing the scam.  This infor­ma­tion is then used to facil­i­tate iden­ti­ty theft.   The pub­lic should be aware of these ongo­ing scams which are sim­i­lar to check cash­ing scams often sent by US mail.  Any sus­pi­cious let­ters or fax­es should be report­ed to the Union Coun­ty State’s Attorney’s Office or anoth­er law enforce­ment agency.