Code of Ordinances

of Union County, Illinois.

Ordinance Chapter: Division II - Saving Clause

TheCountyClerk’s Cer­tifi­cate shall be sub­stan­tial­ly in the fol­low­ing form:



I, Bob­by Tol­er, Coun­ty Clerk of the Coun­ty of Union, do here­by cer­ti­fy that the fol­low­ing Revised Ordi­nances of the Coun­ty of Union, State of Illi­nois of 2011, pub­lished by author­i­ty of the Coun­ty Board of Com­mis­sion­ers were pub­lished by the Coun­ty Board of Com­mis­sion­ers of the Coun­ty of Union, approved by the Chair­man of the Board of Com­mis­sion­ers, and pub­lished in book form accord­ing to law on this date, and that these ordi­nances are true and per­fect copies of the ordi­nances, as passed, approved and now of record and on file in my office as pro­vid­ed by law.

In wit­ness where­of, I have set my hand and affixed the cor­po­rate seal of the Coun­ty of Union, this 21st day of Octo­ber, 2011.






Each sec­tion, para­graph, sen­tence, clause and pro­vi­sion of this Code is sev­er­able, and if any pro­vi­sion is held uncon­sti­tu­tion­al or invalid for any rea­son, such deci­sion shall not affect the remain­der of this Code, nor any part there­of, oth­er than that part affect­ed by such decision.

No new ordi­nance shall be con­strued or held to repeal a for­mer ordi­nance, whether such for­mer ordi­nance is express­ly repealed or not, as to any offense commit­ted against such for­mer ordi­nance or as to any act done, any penal­ty, for­fei­ture or pun­ish­ment so incurred, or any right ac­crued or claim aris­ing under the for­mer ordi­nance, or in any way what­ev­er to affect any claim aris­ing under the for­mer ordi­nance or in any way what­ev­er to affect any such offense or act so com­mit­ted or so done, or any penal­ty, for­fei­ture or pun­ish­ment so incurred or any right accrued or claim aris­ing before the new ordi­nance takes effect, save only that the pro­ceed­ings there­after shall con­form to the ordi­nance in force at the time of such pro­ceed­ing, so far as prac­ti­ca­ble. If any penal­ty, for­fei­ture or pun­ish­ment be mit­i­gat­ed by any pro­vi­sion of a new ordi­nance, such pro­vi­sion may be, by the con­sent of the par­ty affect­ed, applied to any judg­ment announced after the new ordi­nance takes effect.

This Sec­tion shall extend to all repeals, either by express words or impli­ca­tion, whether the repeal is in the ordi­nance mak­ing any new pro­vi­sions upon the same sub­ject or in any oth­er ordinance.

Noth­ing con­tained in this Chap­ter shall be con­strued as abat­ing any action now pend­ing under or by virtue of any gen­er­al ordi­nance of the Coun­ty here­in repealed and the pro­vi­sions of all gen­er­al ordi­nances con­tained in this Code shall be deemed to be con­tin­u­ing pro­vi­sions and not a new enact­ment of the same provi­sion; nor shall this Chap­ter be deemed as dis­con­tin­u­ing, abat­ing, mod­i­fy­ing or alter­ing any penal­ty accrued or to accrue, or as affect­ing the lia­bil­i­ty of any per­son, firm or cor­po­ra­tion, or as waiv­ing any right of the Coun­ty under any ordi­nance or pro­vi­sion there­of in force at the time of the adop­tion of this Code.

No ordi­nance relat­ing to rail­roads or rail­road cross­ings with streets and oth­er pub­lic ways or relat­ing to the con­duct, duties, ser­vice or rates of pub­lic util­i­ties shall be repealed by virtue of the adop­tion of this Code or by virtue of the pre­ced­ing sec­tion, except­ing as this Code shall be con­sid­ered as amend­ing such ordi­nance or ordi­nances in respect to such pro­vi­sions only.

All gen­er­al ordi­nances of the Coun­ty passed pri­or to the adop­tion of this Code are here­by repealed, except such as are referred to here­in as being still in force or are, by nec­es­sary impli­ca­tion, here­in reserved from repeal [sub­ject to the sav­ing claus­es con­tained in the fol­low­ing sec­tions], from which are exclud­ed the fol­low­ing ordi­nances, which are not here­by repealed:

Tax Levy Ordi­nances; Appro­pri­a­tion Ordi­nances; Fran­chise Ordi­nance and oth­er Ordi­nances Grant­i­ng Spe­cial Rights to Per­sons or Cor­po­ra­tions; Con­tract Ordi­nances and Ordi­nances Autho­riz­ing the Exe­cu­tion of a Con­tract or the Issuance of War­rants; Ordi­nances Estab­lish­ing, Nam­ing, or Vacat­ing Streets, Alleys, or Oth­er Pub­lic Places; Improve­ment Ordi­nances; Bond Ordi­nances: Ordi­nances Relat­ing to Elec­tions; Ordi­nances Relat­ing to the Trans­fer or Accep­tance of Real Estate by or from the Coun­ty; and all Spe­cial Ordinances.