Code of Ordinances

of Union County, Illinois.

Ordinance Chapter: Division IV - General Penalty

The fail­ure of any offi­cer or employ­ee to per­form any offi­cial duty imposed by this Code shall not sub­ject such offi­cer or employ­ee to the penal­ty imposed for vio­la­tion of this Code, unless a penal­ty is specif­i­cal­ly pro­vid­ed for.

(Note: 1–1‑23 added under Ordi­nance No. 2012–18)

(A) The penal­ty pro­vid­ed in this Chap­ter shall be ap­plicable to every sec­tion of this Coun­ty Code, the same as though it were a part of each and every sep­a­rate sec­tion.  Any per­son con­vict­ed of a vio­la­tion of any sec­tion of this Coun­ty Code, where any duty is pre­scribed or oblig­a­tion imposed, or where any act which is of a con­tin­u­ing nature or declared to be unlaw­ful, shall be deemed guilty of a mis­de­meanor. A sep­a­rate offense shall be deemed com­mit­ted upon each day such duty or oblig­a­tion remains unper­formed or such act con­tin­ues, unless oth­er­wise specif­i­cal­ly pro­vid­ed in this Coun­ty Code.

(B) In all cas­es where the same offense is made punish­able or is cre­at­ed by dif­fer­ent claus­es or sec­tions of this Coun­ty Code, the pros­e­cut­ing offi­cer may elect under which to pro­ceed; but not more than one (1) recov­ery shall be had against the same per­son for the same offense; pro­vid­ed that the revo­ca­tion of a license or per­mit shall not be con­sid­ered a recov­ery or penal­ty so as to bar any oth­er penal­ty being enforced.

(C) When­ev­er the doing of any act or the omis­sion to do any act con­sti­tutes a breach of any sec­tion or pro­vi­sion of this Coun­ty Code, and there shall be no fine or penal­ty specif­i­cal­ly declared for such breach, the pro­vi­sions of this Chap­ter shall apply and a sep­a­rate offense shall be deemed com­mit­ted upon each day dur­ing or on which a breach or vio­la­tion occurs or continues.

(A) Any per­son con­vict­ed of a vio­la­tion of any sec­tion of this Code shall be fined not more than One Thou­sand Dol­lars ($1,000.00) unless oth­er­wise spec­i­fied for any one (1) offense.  (See 55 ILCS 5/5–1113)

(B) Any minor or per­son des­ig­nat­ed a juve­nile by this State con­vict­ed of a vio­la­tion of any sec­tion of this Code     shall be fined not less than Seventy‑Five Dol­lars ($75.00) nor more than Sev­en Hun­dred Fifty Dol­lars ($750.00) for any one (1) offense, but may not be con­fined except by pro­vi­sions of the Juve­nile Court Act of the State of Illi­nois.

(C) Who­ev­er com­mits an offense against the Coun­ty or aids, abets, coun­sels, com­mands, induces or pro­cures its commis­sion is pun­ish­able as a principal.

(D) Who­ev­er will­ful­ly caus­es an act to be done which, if direct­ly per­formed by him or anoth­er would be an offense against the Coun­ty, is pun­ish­able as a principal.

(E) Guilty Plea – No Court Appear­ance.  All coun­ty ordi­nance offens­es may be sat­is­fied with­out a court appear­ance by writ­ten plea of guilty and pay­ment of the min­i­mum fine, plus court costs, unless a court appear­ance is required by the ordi­nance violated.

(F) Com­mu­ni­ty Ser­vice.  A penal­ty imposed for the vio­la­tion of any sec­tion of this Code may include, or con­sist of, a require­ment that the defen­dant per­form some rea­son­able pub­lic ser­vice work such as but not lim­it­ed to the pick­ing up of lit­ter in pub­lic parks or along pub­lic high­ways or the main­te­nance of pub­lic facilities.