Code of Ordinances

of Union County, Illinois.

Ordinance Chapter: Chapter 20 - Law Library [20-1]

Such fees shall not be charged in any crim­i­nal or qua­si-crim­i­­­nal case, nor in any mat­ter com­ing to any such clerk on change of venue, nor in any pro­ceed­ing to review the deci­sion of any admin­is­tra­tive offi­cer, agency or body

Such fees shall be in addi­tion to all oth­er fees and charges of such Cir­cuit Clerk, shall be assess­able as costs, and shall be remit­ted by such Cir­cuit Clerk month­ly to the Coun­ty Trea­sur­er, and shall be retained by such Coun­ty Trea­sur­er in a spe­cial fund des­ig­nat­ed as the Coun­ty Law Library Fund; dis­burse­ments from such fund shall be by the­Coun­tyTrea­sur­er on order of a major­i­ty of the judges of the Cir­cuit Court of Union Coun­ty, Illinois.

The expense of estab­lish­ing and main­tain­ing such library shall be borne by Union Coun­ty; to defray such expense, the Clerk of the Cir­cuit Court of the First Judi­cial Cir­cuit for Union Coun­ty shall charge and col­lect a coun­ty law library fee of Ten Dol­lars ($10.00), such fee to be paid at the time of fil­ing the first plead­ing, paper or oth­er appear­ance filed by each par­ty in all civ­il cas­es, but no addi­tion­al fee shall be required if more than one par­ty is rep­re­sent­ed in a sin­gle plead­ing, paper or oth­er appearance.

The facil­i­ties of such library shall be freely avail­able to all licensedIlli­nois attor­neys, judges, mag­is­trates and oth­er pub­lic offi­cers of such coun­ty, and to all mem­bers of the pub­lic, when­ev­er the Cour­t­house is open.

A coun­ty law library is here­by estab­lished to be main­tained and locat­ed at the Coun­ty Cour­t­house, 311 West Mar­ket Street, Jones­boro, Illinois.