Code of Ordinances

of Union County, Illinois.

Ordinance Chapter: Article I - Generally

For pur­pos­es of this Chap­ter, the fol­low­ing terms shall be giv­en these definitions:

(A) “Act” means the Illi­nois Liquor Con­trol Act, 235 ILCS 5/1–1 et seq., as amend­ed, and any reg­u­la­tions pro­mul­gat­ed thereunder.

(B) “Alco­hol” means the prod­uct of dis­til­la­tion of any fer­ment­ed liq­uid, whether rec­ti­fied or dilut­ed, what­ev­er may be the ori­gin there­of, and includes syn­thet­ic eth­yl alco­hol.  It does not include dena­tured alco­hol or wood alcohol.

(C) “Alco­holic Liquor” includes alco­hol, spir­its, wine and beer, and every liq­uid or sol­id, patent­ed or not, con­tain­ing alco­hol, spir­its, wine or beer, and capa­ble of being con­sumed as a bev­er­age by human beings.  The pro­vi­sions of this Chap­ter shall not apply to alco­hol used in the man­u­fac­ture of dena­tured alco­hol pro­duced in accor­dance with Acts of Con­gress and reg­u­la­tions pro­mul­gat­ed there­un­der, nor to any liq­uid or sol­id con­tain­ing one-half of one per­cent or less of alco­hol by vol­ume.  (See 235 ILCS Sec. 5/1–3.05)

(D) “Beer” means a bev­er­age obtained by the alco­holic fer­men­ta­tion of an infu­sion or con­coc­tion of bar­ley or oth­er grain, malt and hops in water, and includes, among oth­er things, beer, ale, stout, lager beer, porter and the like.  (See 235 ILCS Sec. 5/1–3.04)

(E) “Cater­er Retail­er” means a per­son who serves alco­holic liquors for con­sump­tion, either on-site or off-site, whether the loca­tion is licensed or unli­censed, as an inci­den­tal part of food ser­vice.  Pre­pared meals and alco­holic liquors are sold at a pack­age price agreed upon under con­tract.  (See 235 ILCS Sec. 5/1–3.34)

(F) “Close” means to shut up so as to pre­vent entrance or access by any per­son; and the entire sus­pen­sion of business.

(G) “Club” means a cor­po­ra­tion orga­nized under the laws of this State and not for pecu­niary prof­it, sole­ly for the pro­mo­tion of some com­mon object oth­er than the sale or con­sump­tion of alco­holic liquors, kept, used and main­tained by its mem­bers, through the pay­ment of annu­al dues, and own­ing, hir­ing or leas­ing a build­ing or space in a build­ing of such extent and char­ac­ter as may be suit­able and ade­quate for the rea­son­able and com­fort­able use and accom­mo­da­tion of its mem­bers and their guests and pro­vid­ed with suit­able and ade­quate kitchen and din­ing space and equip­ment and main­tain­ing a suf­fi­cient num­ber of ser­vants and employ­ees for cook­ing, prepar­ing and serv­ing food and meals for its mem­bers and their guests; pro­vid­ed that such club files with the Liquor Con­trol Com­mis­sion­er at the time of its appli­ca­tion for a license under this Chap­ter, two (2) copies of a list of names and res­i­dences of its mem­bers, and sim­i­lar­ly files with­in ten (10) days of the elec­tion of any addi­tion­al mem­bers, their name and address; and pro­vid­ed fur­ther, that its affairs and man­age­ment are con­duct­ed by a board of direc­tors, exec­u­tive com­mit­tee, or sim­i­lar body cho­sen by the mem­bers at their annu­al meet­ing and that no mem­ber or offi­cer, agent or employ­ee of the club is paid, or direct­ly or indi­rect­ly receives, in the form of salary or oth­er com­pen­sa­tion any prof­its from the dis­tri­b­u­tion or sale of alco­holic liquor to the club or its mem­bers or guests intro­duced by mem­bers, beyond the amount of such salary as may be fixed and vot­ed at the annu­al meet­ing by the mem­bers or by the board of direc­tors or oth­er gov­ern­ing body out of the gen­er­al rev­enue of the club.  (See 235 ILCS Sec. 5/1–3.24)

(H) “Code” means the Code of Ordi­nances of the Coun­ty of Union, Illinois.

(I) “Coun­ty” means the Coun­ty of Union, Illinois.

(J) “Coun­ty Board” means the Board of Coun­ty Com­mis­sion­ers of the Coun­ty of Union, Illinois.

(K) “Coun­ty Clerk” means the­Coun­ty­Clerk of the Coun­ty of Union, Illinois.

(L) “Event Cen­ter” means any build­ing kept, used, main­tained, adver­tised, and held out to the pub­lic as a place avail­able to be rent­ed by mem­bers of the pub­lic for the host­ing of pri­vate func­tions, and where such pri­vate func­tions are actu­al­ly held, and where such pri­vate func­tions are pre­arranged and under spon­sor­ship of a par­tic­u­lar per­son or orga­ni­za­tion, and where such space being pro­vid­ed with ade­quate equip­ment and capac­i­ty, and hav­ing employed there­in a suf­fi­cient num­ber and kind of employ­ees, for the host­ing of such pri­vate functions.

(M) “Licensee” means a per­son to whom a license is issued under this Chap­ter and any offi­cer, asso­ciate, mem­ber, rep­re­sen­ta­tive, agent or employ­ee of such person.

(N) “Minor” means any per­son not yet eigh­teen (18) years of age.

(O) “Pack­age Store” means any pub­lic place where pack­aged liquors are offered for sale in the orig­i­nal, unopened con­tain­er for con­sump­tion away from the premises.

(P) “Per­son” means any nat­ur­al per­son, firm, part­ner­ship, asso­ci­a­tion or corporation.

(Q) “Premis­es” means the place of busi­ness, room, shop, or area includ­ing all rooms and facil­i­ties appur­tenant there­to where­in alco­holic liquor is offered for sale in any form.

(R) “Pri­vate Func­tion” means a pre­arranged pri­vate par­ty, func­tion, or event for a spe­cif­ic social or busi­ness occa­sion, either by invi­ta­tion or reser­va­tion and 
not open to the gen­er­al pub­lic, where the guests in atten­dance are served in a room or rooms des­ig­nat­ed and used exclu­sive­ly for the pri­vate par­ty, func­tion or event.

(S) “Res­i­dent” means an indi­vid­ual whose prin­ci­pal abode and/or pri­ma­ry domi­cile is locat­ed with­in the County.

(T) “Restau­rant” means any pub­lic place kept, used, main­tained, adver­tised, and held out to the pub­lic as a place where meals are served, and where meals actu­al­ly are served and reg­u­lar­ly served, with­out sleep­ing accom­mo­da­tions, such space being pro­vid­ed with ade­quate and san­i­tary kitchen and din­ing room equip­ment and capac­i­ty and hav­ing employed there­in a suf­fi­cient num­ber and kind of employ­ees to pre­pare, cook and serve suit­able food for its guests, and obtain­ing at least fifty-one per­cent (51%) of its annu­al gross rev­enue from the sale of food.  (See 235 ILCS Sec. 5/1–3.23)

(U) “Retail­er” means a per­son who sells or offers for sale, alco­holic liquor for use or con­sump­tion and not for resale in any form.  (See 235 ILCS Sec. 5/1–3.17)

(V) “Sale” means any trans­fer, exchange or barter in any man­ner or by any means what­so­ev­er for a con­sid­er­a­tion, and includes and means all sales made by any per­son, whether prin­ci­pal, pro­pri­etor, agent, ser­vant or employ­ee.  (See 235 ILCS Sec. 1–3.21)

(W) “Sell at Retail” or “Sale at Retail” means sales for use or con­sump­tion and not for resale in any form.  (See 235 ILCS Sec. 5/1–3.18)

(X) “Sher­iff” means the Sher­iff of the Coun­ty of Union, Illinois.

(Y) “Spir­its” means any bev­er­age which con­tains alco­hol obtained by dis­til­la­tion, mixed with water or oth­er sub­stance in solu­tion, and includes brandy, rum, whiskey, gin or oth­er spir­i­tu­ous liquors and such liquors when rec­ti­fied, blend­ed or oth­er­wise mixed with alco­hol or oth­er sub­stances.  (See 235 ILCS Sec. 5/1–3.02)

(Z) “State” means the State ofIllinois.

(AA) “State’s Attor­ney” means the State’s Attor­ney of the Coun­ty of Union, Illinois.

(BB) “To Sell” means to keep or expose for sale and to keep with intent to sell.  (See 235 ILCS Sec. 5/1–3.22)

(CC) “Trea­sur­er” means the Trea­sur­er of the Coun­ty of Union, Illinois.

(DD) “Wine” means any alco­holic bev­er­age obtained by the fer­men­ta­tion of the nat­ur­al con­tents of fruits or veg­eta­bles con­tain­ing sug­ar, includ­ing such bev­er­ages when for­ti­fied by the addi­tion of Alco­hol or Spir­its.  (See 235 ILCS Sec. 5/1–3.03)

(EE) “Wine Man­u­fac­tur­er” means a per­son who is engaged in the man­u­fac­ture of wine.

(Amend­ed in Ordi­nance No 2012–23, 11–30–12)

This Chap­ter shall be lib­er­al­ly con­strued, to the end that the health, safe­ty and wel­fare of the Peo­ple of the Coun­ty of Union Coun­ty, Illi­nois shall be pro­tect­ed and tem­per­ance in the con­sump­tion of alco­holic liquors shall be fos­tered and pro­mot­ed.