Code of Ordinances

of Union County, Illinois.

Ordinance Chapter: Article I - Scope ad Purpose

Land unsuit­able for sub­di­vi­sion devel­op­ment due to drainage, flood haz­ard area, hill­side area, rock for­ma­tion or any oth­er con­di­tions con­sti­tut­ing a dan­ger to health, life or prop­er­ty shall not be approved for sub­di­vi­sion devel­op­ment unless the sub­di­vider presents evi­dence or data to the admin­is­tra­tive offi­cer estab­lish­ing that the meth­ods pro­posed to meet any such con­di­tions are ade­quate to avoid any dan­ger to health, life or property.

A new Ease­ment of Access when referred to in Sec­tion 34–1‑7 is an ease­ment that did not legal­ly exist by statute or com­­­mon-law pri­or to the pro­posed sub­di­vi­sion or con­veyance described in Sec­tion 34–1‑7. 

A new street when referred to in Sec­tion 34–1‑7, is a street that did not legal­ly exist by statute or com­­­mon-law pri­or to the pro­posed divi­sion or con­veyance described in Sec­tion 34–1‑7. 

The pro­vi­sions of these reg­u­la­tions do not apply and no plat is required in any of the fol­low­ing instances:

(A) The divi­sion or sub­di­vi­sion of land into parcels or tracts of five (5) acres or more in size which does not involve any new streets or ease­ments of access.

(B) The divi­sion of lots or blocks of less than one (1) acre in any record­ed sub­di­vi­sion which does not involve any new streets or ease­ments of access.

(C) The sale or exchange of parcels of land between own­ers of adjoin­ing and con­tigu­ous land.

(D) The sale of a sin­gle lot of less than five (5) acres from a larg­er tract when a sur­vey is made by a reg­is­tered sur­vey­or; pro­vid­ed, how­ev­er, that this exemp­tion shall not apply to the sale of any sub­se­quent lots from the same larg­er tract of land, as deter­mined by the dimen­sions and con­fig­u­ra­tion of the larg­er tract exist­ing as of Octo­ber 1, 1973.

(E) The con­veyance of parcels of land or inter­ests there­in for use as a right‑of‑way for rail­roads or oth­er pub­lic util­i­ty facil­i­ties and oth­er pipe lines which does not involve any new streets or ease­ments of access.

The con­veyance of land for high­way or oth­er pub­lic pur­pos­es or grants or con­veyance relat­ing to the ded­i­ca­tion of land for pub­lic use of instru­ments relat­ing to the vaca­tion of land impressed with a pub­lic use.

(G) Con­veyance made to cor­rect descrip­tions in pri­or conveyances.

(H)  The sale or exchange of parcels or tracts of land fol­low­ing the divi­sion into no more than two (2) parts of a par­tic­u­lar par­cel of land exist­ing on July 17, 1959, and not involv­ing any new streets or ease­ments of access.

(I) The divi­sion of land for ceme­tery usage.

(J) The divi­sion and dis­tri­b­u­tion of land pur­suant to law or court order.

(K) Any oth­er instance where the State of Illi­nois does not require fil­ing of a plat, as per the Plat Act, Illi­nois Com­piled Statutes.

This Code shall be admin­is­tered by the admin­is­tra­tive offi­cer des­ig­nat­ed by the Coun­ty Board, and the Coun­ty Plan­ning Com­mis­sion. 

This Code is intend­ed as MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS to achieve the above stat­ed pur­pos­es, as spec­i­fied in Sec­tion 34‑1‑4. If any oth­er pro­vi­sion of law relates to any mat­ter cov­ered here­in, the reg­u­la­tion pro­vid­ing the high­er stan­dard shall apply. 

This Code is intend­ed for the pur­pos­es of coor­di­nat­ed, effi­cient and eco­nom­ic devel­op­ment of the Coun­ty, pro­vid­ing ade­quate ser­vices and util­i­ties, safe con­ve­nient access and a desir­able and attrac­tive liv­ing envi­ron­ment through good sub­di­vi­sion design. In achiev­ing these pur­pos­es, the Coun­ty shall uti­lize devel­op­ment stan­dards which are direct­ed toward rea­son­able costs for ini­tial devel­op­ment and con­tin­u­ing main­te­nance; such stan­dards shall include the following:

(A) The prop­er loca­tion and width of streets and the prop­er loca­tion of build­ing set­back lines, open spaces, recre­ation­al areas and pub­lic lands.

(B) The avoid­ance of con­di­tions which would lead to the cre­ation of blight­ed areas.

(C) The avoid­ance of over­crowd­ing of pop­u­la­tion and con­ges­tion of vehic­u­lar traffic.

(D) Prop­er grad­ing and improve­ment of streets, curbs, gut­ters, side­walks and pro­vi­sion of water, sew­er, storm water drainage and ero­sion control.

(E) The pro­vi­sion of ade­quate space for traf­fic and util­i­ty facil­i­ties; for access of emer­gency appa­ra­tus; for the con­trol of the num­ber, spac­ing, type and design of access points to exist­ing or future streets; for min­i­mum width, depth, and area of lots; for ade­quate light and air; and for a prop­er dis­tri­b­u­tion of population.

(F) Pro­vi­sion of ade­quate right‑of‑way ease­ments such that exten­sions are con­tin­ued with­in sub­di­vi­sions and may be con­tin­ued to adja­cent lands. 

No lot in a sub­di­vi­sion, as defined here­in, may be con­veyed unless a Final Plat of the prop­er­ty has been approved accord­ing to the require­ments and pro­vi­sions of this Ordi­nance, and record­ed in the office of the Coun­ty Recorder of Deeds. 

This Code shall be known, referred to, and cit­ed as “The Land Sub­di­vi­sion Code of Union Coun­ty, Illi­nois”. 

For the pur­pose of con­trol­ling future devel­op­ment of the Coun­ty and for the pro­mo­tion of the pub­lic health, safe­ty, com­fort, morals and wel­fare of per­sons liv­ing with­in the ter­ri­to­ry gov­erned, the pro­vi­sions and reg­u­la­tions here­after con­tained shall gov­ern the sub­di­vid­ing and plat­ting of lands lying with­in the area of juris­dic­tion of the County.

The rules and reg­u­la­tions gov­ern­ing plats and sub­di­vi­sion of land con­tained here­in shall apply with­in the Coun­ty as per­mit­ted with­in the project area, the extent of juris­dic­tion shall be deter­mined and agreed upon between the Coun­ty and the munic­i­pal­i­ty or munic­i­pal­i­ties con­cerned and as pro­vid­ed by State Statutes. Except in the case of resub­di­vi­sion, this Code shall not apply to any lot or lots form­ing a part of a sub­di­vi­sion record­ed in the office of the Coun­ty Recorder of Deeds pri­or to the effec­tive date of this Code. This Ordi­nance does not intend to repeal, annul or in any way impair or inter­fere with exist­ing pro­vi­sions of oth­er laws or ordi­nance, or inter­fere with restric­tive covenants run­ning with the land. Where this Ordi­nance impos­es a greater restric­tion upon the land than is imposed or required by such exist­ing pro­vi­sions of law, code, or restric­tive covenants, the pro­vi­sions of this Code shall con­trol.