Code of Ordinances

of Union County, Illinois.

Ordinance Chapter: Article II - Definitions

For the pur­pose of this Code, the terms used here­in are defined as follows:

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER OR ZONING OFFICIAL”. The offi­cial appoint­ed by the­Coun­ty­Board of Com­mis­sion­ers to admin­is­ter the pro­vi­sions of this Ordi­nance, or his duly appoint­ed representative(s).

ALLEY”.  A minor way used pri­mar­i­ly for vehic­u­lar ser­vice access to the rear or side of prop­er­ties oth­er­wise abut­ting on a street.

AREA, GROSS”.  The entire area with­in the bound­ary lines of the ter­ri­to­ry pro­posed for sub­di­vi­sion, includ­ing the area to be ded­i­cat­ed for street and alley rights‑of‑way and pub­lic use.

AREA, NET”.  The entire area with­in the bound­ary lines of the ter­ri­to­ry pro­posed for sub­di­vi­sion, less the area to be ded­i­cat­ed for street and alley right‑of‑way and pub­lic use.

BLOCK”.  An area of land entire­ly bound­ed by streets, high­ways, or phys­i­cal bar­ri­er (except alleys, pedes­tri­an ways, or exte­ri­or bound­aries of a sub­di­vi­sion unless exte­ri­or bound­ary is a street, or high­way) or a com­bi­na­tion of streets, pub­lic parks, ceme­ter­ies, rail­road right-of-way, shore­lines or water­ways, or cor­po­rate bound­ary lines.

BUILDING”.  Any struc­ture, whether tem­po­rary, semi‑permanent, or per­ma­nent, designed or intend­ed for the sup­port, enclo­sure, shel­ter, or pro­tec­tion of per­sons or property.


CLUSTER DEVELOPMENT”.  A sub­di­vi­sion devel­op­ment planned and con­struct­ed so as to group hous­ing units into rel­a­tive­ly dense pat­terns while pro­vid­ing a uni­fied net­work of open space and wood­ed areas, and meet­ing the require­ments of this Ordi­nance and the Zon­ing Code of the County.

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN”.  The plan or any por­tion there­of adopt­ed by the Coun­ty Board for the coor­di­nat­ed devel­op­ment of the Coun­ty, includ­ing among oth­er things: plans and pro­grams regard­ing the loca­tion, char­ac­ter and extent of high­ways, trans­porta­tion routes, bridges, pub­lic build­ings or uses, util­i­ties, schools, res­i­den­tial, com­mer­cial or indus­tri­al land uses, parks, forests, dams, drainage facil­i­ties and projects affect­ing the con­ser­va­tion of nat­ur­al resources of the County.

COUNTY ENGINEER”.  May mean either the Coun­ty Super­in­ten­dent of High­ways or such oth­er licensed pro­fes­sion­al engi­neer des­ig­nat­ed by the­Coun­ty­Board to con­duct busi­ness or per­form defined pro­fes­sion­al engi­neer­ing ser­vices for the Coun­ty in his place or stead.

DENSITY, GROSS”.  The total num­ber of dwelling units divid­ed by the total project area, expressed as gross dwelling units per acre.

DENSITY, NET”.  The total num­ber of dwelling units divid­ed by the total project area less area for street rights‑of‑way.

DESIGN”.  The arrange­ment of uses on the land and the arrange­ment of ease­ments, lots and rights‑of‑way, includ­ing mate­r­i­al, align­ment, grade, and width of these elements.

DRAINAGEWAY”.  A water course, gul­ly, dry steam, creek or ditch which car­ries storm water runoff; which is fed by street or build­ing gut­ters or by storm water sew­ers, or which serves the pur­pose of drain­ing water from the lands adja­cent to such water course, gul­ly, dry stream, creek or ditch.

EASEMENT”.  A right to use anoth­er person’s prop­er­ty, but only for a lim­it­ed and specif­i­cal­ly named purpose.

FILING DATE”.  The begin­ning or start­ing date that com­mences after the appli­cant has filed the last item of required data or infor­ma­tion and has paid the nec­es­sary fee(s), for review by the Plan­ning Commission.

IMPROVEMENT”.  Refers to site grad­ing, street work and util­i­ties (includ­ing water, sew­er, elec­tric, gas and storm water), to be installed or agreed to be installed by the sub­di­vider on land to be used for pub­lic or pri­vate streets, and ease­ments or oth­er pur­pos­es as are nec­es­sary for the gen­er­al use of lot own­ers in the sub­di­vi­sion. Includes the fur­nish­ing of all mate­ri­als, equip­ment, and con­struc­tion of all the improve­ments required in Arti­cle VI of this Code or any oth­er improve­ments that may be pro­vid­ed by the sub­di­vider.  All of such mate­ri­als, equip­ment and ser­vices shall be pro­vid­ed at the subdivider’s cost and expense, although he may enter into a con­tract with indi­vid­u­als and firms to com­plete such improve­ments, and the improve­ments shall be sub­ject to the final approval of the admin­is­tra­tive officer.

IMPROVEMEMT PLAN”.  The engi­neer­ing plans show­ing types of mate­ri­als and con­struc­tion details for the phys­i­cal struc­tures and facil­i­ties to be installed both in or in con­junc­tion with the subdivision.

LOT”.  A par­cel of land intend­ed to be sep­a­rate­ly owned, rent­ed, devel­oped or oth­er­wise used as a unit.

LOT, BUTT”.  A lot at the end of a block and locat­ed between two (2) cor­ner lots.

LOT, CORNER”.  A lot abut­ting upon two (2) or more streets at their intersection.

LOT DEPTH”.  The mean hor­i­zon­tal dis­tance between the front and the rear lot lines mea­sured in the gen­er­al direc­tion of the side lot lines.

LOT, INTERIOR”.  A lot whose side lines do not abut upon any street.

LOT, THROUGH”.  A lot hav­ing frontage on two (2) par­al­lel or approx­i­mate­ly par­al­lel streets.

LOT WIDTH”.  The mean hor­i­zon­tal width of the lot mea­sured at right angle to the gen­er­al direc­tion of the side lot lines.

MASTER DEVELOPMENT PLAN”.  A com­bi­na­tion of maps, draw­ings, site plans, charts and sup­port­ive nar­ra­tive mate­r­i­al that por­trays total devel­op­ment to be achieved in the over­all project area; which pro­vides suf­fi­cient­ly detailed infor­ma­tion to both illus­trate and describe the intend­ed char­ac­ter and con­fig­u­ra­tion of devel­op­ment to be accomplished.

METES AND BONDS DESCRIPTION”.  A descrip­tion of real prop­er­ty which is not described by ref­er­ence to a lot or block shown on a map, but is described by start­ing at a known point and describ­ing the bear­ings and dis­tances of the lines form­ing the bound­aries of the prop­er­ty or delin­eates a frac­tion­al por­tion of a sec­tion, lot or area by described lines or por­tions thereof.

OWNER”.  A per­son hav­ing suf­fi­cient pro­pri­etary inter­est in the land sought to be sub­di­vid­ed to com­mence and main­tain pro­ceed­ings to sub­di­vide the same under these regulations.

PARKING LANE”.  An aux­il­iary lane of a street used pri­mar­i­ly for vehic­u­lar parking.

PERSON”.  Any agent, indi­vid­ual, firm, asso­ci­a­tion, part­ner­ship, cor­po­ra­tion, syn­di­cate or trust.

PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE OR BOND”. A sure­ty issued by an insur­ance com­pa­ny licensed to do busi­ness inIlli­nois or let­ter of cred­it issued by a bank and approved by the­Coun­ty­Board to guar­an­tee instal­la­tion of any improvements.

PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT (PUD)”.  A planned unit devel­op­ment is a com­pre­hen­sive­ly planned devel­op­ment con­tain­ing res­i­den­tial, com­mer­cial, indus­tri­al, or oth­er land uses on an area of land under con­tin­u­ing uni­fied con­trol. A planned unit devel­op­ment may con­tain a sin­gle type of land use or com­bi­na­tion of land uses pro­vid­ed that such devel­op­ment is reviewed, eval­u­at­ed and approved by the Coun­ty Board and sat­is­fies the require­ments con­tained herein.

PLANNING COMMISSION”.  The Plan­ning Com­mis­sion ofU­nion County,Illinois.

PLAT”.  The maps, draw­ings, charts, and oth­er doc­u­ments com­ply­ing with all applic­a­ble pro­vi­sions of this Code which con­sti­tute the plan for subdivision.

PLAT, FINAL OR FINAL DEVELOPMENT PLAT”.  The final engi­neer­ing and archi­tec­tur­al detail maps, draw­ings and sup­port­ive mate­r­i­al on which the developer’s plan of the project area is pre­sent­ed and, if approved, will be sub­mit­ted to the Coun­ty Recorder of Deeds for record­ing and to the Zon­ing Offi­cer for filing.

PLAT, PRELIMINARY OR PRELIMINARY DEVELOPMENT PLAT”. Pre­lim­i­nary engi­neer­ing and archi­tec­tur­al maps, draw­ings, charts and sup­port­ive mate­r­i­al indi­cat­ing the pro­posed lay­out of the project area.

PROJECT AREA”. That ter­ri­to­ry intend­ed to be sub­di­vid­ed or devel­oped, and por­trayed and defined in the pre­lim­i­nary and final plats.


RIGHT OF WAY”.  (ROW) A strip or par­cel of land over which the own­er, by ded­i­ca­tion or oth­er­wise, has grant­ed or reserved the right use for streets, alleys or oth­er pub­lic ways.

ROADBED”.  The grad­ed por­tion of a street upon which the base course, sur­face course, shoul­ders, and medi­an are constructed.

ROADWAY”.  The entire improved por­tion of the street, includ­ing shoul­ders, park­ing lanes, trav­el way, curbs and gut­ter which lies between the right‑of‑way lines.

SETBACK LINE”.  The line par­al­lel to the front, side or rear lot line estab­lish­ing the min­i­mum space to be pro­vid­ed as the front, side or rear yard.

SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION”.  The Coun­ty Soil and Water Con­ser­va­tion District.

SPECIFICATIONS”.  The Stan­dard Spec­i­fi­ca­tions for Road and Bridge Con­struc­tion, pre­pared by the Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion of the State of Illi­nois, as adopt­ed and amend­ed by the Depart­ment, which are in effect at the time the area is being sub­di­vid­ed. Any term in such spec­i­fi­ca­tions refer­ring to state depart­ments of offi­cials or to per­sons con­tract­ing with the state shall be deemed to refer to applic­a­ble depart­ments, offi­cials, or per­sons in the Coun­ty of Union. Any per­son or his agent, or the employ­ee, or agent of any busi­ness enti­ty known here­in as a con­trac­tor for pur­pos­es of mak­ing and enter­ing into con­tracts as con­tem­plat­ed with­in the mean­ing of this Code and pur­suant to the require­ments set forth in Arti­cle VI here­of even though the sub­di­vider (con­trac­tor) may enter into agree­ments to be com­plet­ed by “inde­pen­dent contractors”.

STREET”.  A pub­lic or pri­vate way for the pur­pose of vehic­u­lar trav­el. The term includes all facil­i­ties which nor­mal­ly occur with­in the right-of-way; it shall also include such oth­er des­ig­na­tion for a street as a high­way, thor­ough­fare, park­way, through­way, road, pike, avenue, boule­vard, lane, place, dri­ve, court, or as oth­er­wise des­ig­nat­ed, but exclud­ing an alley or a way for pedes­tri­an use only.

STREET, BUTT OR STUB”.  A street that is tem­porar­i­ly ter­mi­nat­ed, but is planned for future continuation.

STREET, CULDESAC”.  A short, land access street hav­ing only one end open for vehic­u­lar traf­fic, and the oth­er per­ma­nent­ly ter­mi­nat­ed by a turn‑around for vehicles.

STREET, DEADEND”.  Land access streets sim­i­lar to cul‑de-sacs, except that they pro­vide no turn‑around cir­cle at their closed end, and are not per­mit­ted in any pro­posed subdivision.

STREET, LAND ACCESS”. Land access streets pro­vide access to abut­ting prop­er­ties, hav­ing a rel­a­tive­ly short trav­el dis­tance, and have a low vol­ume design capac­i­ty and trav­el speeds.

STREET, LOOPED”.  Land access streets hav­ing two (2) open ends, each end gen­er­al­ly con­nect­ing with the same street, no oth­er streets inter­sect­ing between its ends, and prop­er­ty fronts on both sides of the street.

STREET, AREA SERVICE HIGHWAY”.  Area ser­vice high­ways inter­con­nect col­lec­tors and land access streets with the prin­ci­pal sys­tem and vice ver­sa, bring all devel­oped areas with­in a rea­son­able dis­tance of prin­ci­pal streets, con­nect and pro­vide direct access to major traf­fic gen­er­a­tors, pro­vide sec­ondary ser­vice to small­er com­mu­ni­ties, may pro­vide access to abut­ting prop­er­ty, and have a medi­um vol­ume design capac­i­ty and trav­el speeds.

STREET, COLLECTOR”.  Col­lec­tor streets inter­con­nect the prin­ci­pal street sys­tem with land access streets; pro­vide inter­nal cir­cu­la­tion with­in res­i­den­tial, com­mer­cial, and indus­tri­al areas; pro­vide access to abut­ting prop­er­ties; and have a mod­er­ate vol­ume design capac­i­ty and trav­el speeds.

STREET, MARGINAL ACCESS OR SERVICE ROAD”.  A land access street par­al­lel and adja­cent to area ser­vice high­ways pro­vid­ing access to abut­ting properties.

STREET, NEW”.  One that did not pre­vi­ous­ly exist legally.

STRUCTURE”.  Any­thing con­struct­ed which requires per­ma­nent or tem­po­rary loca­tion on the ground or is attached to some­thing hav­ing a per­ma­nent or tem­po­rary loca­tion on the ground.


SUBDIVIDER”.  Means any per­son, divid­ing or propos­ing to divide land in a man­ner that con­sti­tutes a sub­di­vi­sion as here­in defined.

SUBDIVISION”.  The divi­sion of land into two (2) or more lots or parcels for the pur­pose of either imme­di­ate or future sale, rental, or build­ing devel­op­ment, or uses, oth­er than agri­cul­tur­al use or production.

Estab­lish­ment or ded­i­ca­tion of a pub­lic street or alley through a tract of land regard­less of size. The term “sub­di­vi­sion” shall also include all re‑subdivisions of land or lots.

SUBDIVISION, MINOR”.  A divi­sion of land into two (2), but not more than six (6) lots, all of which front upon an exist­ing street, not involv­ing any new streets or oth­er rights‑of‑way, ease­ments, improve­ments, or oth­er pro­vi­sions for pub­lic areas and facilities.

TRAVEL WAY”. That por­tion of a street used for the move­ment of vehi­cles, exclu­sive of shoul­ders and aux­il­iary lanes.


ZONING CODE”.  The Zon­ing Ordi­nance of Union Coun­ty, Illinois.