Code of Ordinances

of Union County, Illinois.

Ordinance Chapter: Division IV - Auto Rent Use Tax

The tax imposed by this Arti­cle shall be col­lect­ed and enforced by the State of Illi­nois Depart­ment of Rev­enue in accor­dance with the Illi­nois Coun­ty Auto­mo­bile Rent­ing Use Tax Act.  (See 55 ILCS 5/5–1033)

There is here­by imposed upon the priv­i­lege of using an auto­mo­bile which is rent­ed from a renter locat­ed out­side the State of Illi­nois that is titled or reg­is­tered with an agency of the State of Illi­nois and whose Illi­nois address for titling or reg­is­tra­tion pur­pos­es is giv­en as being the unin­cor­po­rat­ed area of the Coun­ty of Union, Illi­nois, a Coun­ty Auto­mo­bile Rent­ing Use Tax, at the rate of one per­cent (1%) of the rental price of such automobile.