Code of Ordinances

of Union County, Illinois.

Ordinance Chapter: Article VI - Geographic Information System Fee

All Union Coun­ty Gov­ern­ment Offices shall be exempt from the GIS fil­ing fees estab­lished by the Union Coun­ty Board Res­o­lu­tion 2005–15 enti­tled Amend­ing a Rate for Recorder of Deeds GIS Fund.  (#2005–22; 08–15–05)

There is here­by estab­lished a Ten Dol­lar ($10.00) fee for every instru­ment, paper or notice filed for record in the Recorder’s Office.  Nine Dol­lars ($9.00) of the fee shall be deposit­ed into the spe­cial fund estab­lished by the Coun­ty Treasurer’s Office.  All these funds shall be used sole­ly for equip­ment, mate­ri­als and nec­es­sary expens­es incurred in imple­ment­ing and main­tain­ing a Geo­graph­ic Infor­ma­tion Sys­tem.  The Recorder may use the remain­ing One Dol­lar ($1.00) to defray the cost of imple­ment­ing and main­tain­ing the Geo­graph­ic Infor­ma­tion Sys­tem.  (See 55 ILCS 5/3–5018)  (Res­o­lu­tion No. 2005–15)