Code of Ordinances

of Union County, Illinois.

Ordinance Chapter: Article VII - Coroner

The fees of the Coroner’s Office shall be as follows:


  1. A copy of a tran­script of sworn tes­ti­mo­ny:  Three Dol­lars ($3.00) per page.
  2. A copy of an autop­sy report (if not includ­ed in tran­script):  Thir­ty Dol­lars ($30.00).
  3. A copy of the ver­dict of a coroner’s jury:  Five Dol­lars ($5.00).
  4. A copy of a tox­i­col­o­gy report:  Fif­teen Dol­lars ($15.00).
  5. A print of a pic­ture obtained by the coro­ner:  actu­al cost or Three Dol­lars ($3.00), whichev­er is greater.
  6. Each copy of mis­cel­la­neous reports, includ­ing artist’s draw­ings but not includ­ing police reports:  actu­al cost or Fif­teen Dol­lars ($15.00), whichev­er is greater.
  7. A coroner’s or med­ical examiner’s per­mit to cre­mate a dead human body:  Ten Dol­lars ($10.00).

(B) All fees under this Arti­cle col­lect­ed by or on behalf of the Coroner’s Office shall be paid over to the Coun­ty Trea­sur­er and deposit­ed into the gen­er­al fund of the County.