Code of Ordinances

of Union County, Illinois.

Ordinance Chapter: Article X - Treasurer

All sums of mon­ey received under this Sec­tion shall be deposit­ed in a spe­cial fund with the prin­ci­pal and inter­est invest­ed as autho­rized by 55 ILCS 5/3–10009 and 5/3–10002.  No pay­ment shall be made from the fund except by order of the court declar­ing a sale in error under 35 ILCS 200/21–310.  Any monies accu­mu­lat­ed in the fund in excess of Five Hun­dred Thou­sand Dol­lars ($500,000.00) by the­Coun­tyTrea­sur­er shall be paid to the Gen­er­al Fund ofU­nion­Coun­ty pri­or to the com­mence­ment of the annu­al tax sale.

The Trea­sur­er may impose a fee of up to Six­ty Dol­lars ($60.00), payable to the­Coun­ty­Col­lec­tor, upon each per­son pur­chas­ing any prop­er­ty at a sale held pur­suant to the Illi­nois Rev­enue Code pri­or to the issuance of any cer­tifi­cate of pur­chase. 

The Coun­ty Trea­sur­er is here­by ordered to estab­lish a spe­cial fund for the deposit of the monies col­lect­ed as a result of said Ten Dol­lars ($10.00)per par­cel automa­tion fee.  The monies col­lect­ed shall be placed in said spe­cial fund and shall be used sole­ly to pro­vide the equip­ment, mate­r­i­al and nec­es­sary expens­es incurred to help defray the cost of imple­ment­ing and main­tain­ing an automa­tion sys­tem in the Coun­ty Collector’s Office. 

The Coun­ty Trea­sur­er as Ex-Offi­­­cio Coun­ty Col­lec­tor shall impose a Ten Dol­lar ($10.00) per par­cel automa­tion fee to the pur­chas­er of prop­er­ty for delin­quent tax­es.