Code of Ordinances

of Union County, Illinois.

Ordinance Chapter: Division II - Miscellaneous Fees

(A) Basic Record­ing Fees.

UCC – 1        Financ­ing State­ment                                    $26.00

UCC – 3        Con­tin­u­a­tion————————————– $26.00

Amend­ment————————————– $26.00

Assign­ment————————————— $26.00

Release (par­tial)———————————- $26.00

Ter­mi­na­tion————————————— $26.00


(B)  Record­ing Fees.

First four pages————————————————————— $40.00

Each addi­tion­al                                                                   $1.00

Legal size first four pages————————————————– $52.00

Each addi­tion­al legal size page———————————————- $1.00

SUBDIVISION PLATS——————————————————– $56.00

Addi­tion­al Lot  $1.00

SURVEYS       —————————————————————- $40.00





(C) Addi­tion­al Fees.


Each Addi­tion­al—————————————————————— $1.00


Each Addi­tion­al—————————————————————— $1.00

COPIES         —————————————————————— $0.25


(D) The Coun­ty Clerk shall impose an addi­tion­al Two Dol­lar ($2.00) charge for cer­ti­fied copies of vital records as defined in Sec­tion 1 of the Vital Records Act, for the pur­pose of devel­op­ing, main­tain­ing, and improv­ing tech­nol­o­gy in the office of the Coun­ty Clerk.

(E) The Coun­ty Clerk shall remit all monies col­lect­ed pur­suant to this Sec­tion to the Treasurer.

(F) All monies col­lect­ed pur­suant to sub­sec­tion (D) of this Sec­tion shall be deposit­ed in a spe­cial fund, known as the Coun­ty Clerk Tech­nol­o­gy Fund, which fund shall be estab­lished by the Trea­sur­er.  Such monies shall be used exclu­sive­ly for devel­op­ing, main­tain­ing, and improv­ing tech­nol­o­gy in the office of the Coun­ty Clerk.

(Ord. No. 2010–18; 08–05–10)

(A) Def­i­n­i­tion.  Vital records means records of births, deaths, fetal deaths, mar­riages, dis­so­lu­tion of mar­riages, and data-relat­ed thereto.

(B) Fee Estab­lished.  The Coun­ty Clerk shall impose an addi­tion­al Two Dol­lar ($2.00) charge for cer­ti­fied copies of vital records which are request­ed to be made by the Coun­ty Clerk’s office.  The addi­tion­al Two Dol­lar ($2.00) charge is to 
be used for the sole pur­pose of defray­ing the costs of con­vert­ing theCountyClerk’s doc­u­ment stor­age sys­tem for said vital records to com­put­ers or micro­graph­ics, and for main­tain­ing system.

(C) Spe­cial Fund.  The­Coun­tyTrea­sur­er is here­by ordered to estab­lish a spe­cial fund for deposit of the monies col­lect­ed as a result of said addi­tion­al charge.  The monies col­lect­ed shall be placed in said spe­cial fund and shall be used sole­ly to pro­vide the equip­ment, mate­r­i­al and nec­es­sary expens­es incurred to help defray the cost of imple­ment­ing and main­tain­ing the Coun­ty Clerk’s doc­u­ment stor­age sys­tem for vital records.

(See 55 ILCS 5/4–4001)

The Coun­ty Board does here­by pro­vide for a charge of Four Dol­lars ($4.00) for fil­ing every instru­ment, paper, or notice for record, (1) in order to defray the cost of con­vert­ing the Coun­ty Recorder’s doc­u­ment stor­age sys­tem to com­put­ers or micro­graph­ics and (2) in order to defray the cost of pro­vid­ing access to records through the glob­al infor­ma­tion sys­tem known as the Internet.

(A) Fund Estab­lished.  A spe­cial fund shall be set up by the Trea­sur­er of the Coun­ty and such funds col­lect­ed pur­suant to Pub­lic Act 83–1321 shall be used (1) for a doc­u­ment stor­age sys­tem to pro­vide the equip­ment, mate­ri­als and nec­es­sary expens­es incurred to help defray the costs of imple­ment­ing and main­tain­ing such a doc­u­ment records sys­tem and (2) for a sys­tem to pro­vide elec­tron­ic access to those records.  (55 ILCS 5/3–5018) 

For issu­ing each mar­riage and civ­il union license, the cer­tifi­cate there­of, and for record­ing the same, includ­ing the record­ing of the parent’s or guardian’s con­sent where indi­cat­ed, Twen­­­ty-Five Dol­lars ($25.00).  (Ord. No. 2011-06; 05–20–11)

The Coun­ty Clerk shall charge and col­lect a Five Dol­lar ($5.00) fee to be added to the stan­dard fee col­lect­ed for each mar­riage license appli­ca­tion issued in Union Coun­ty.  The Coun­ty Clerk shall trans­fer said fees col­lect­ed to the Illi­nois State Trea­sur­er in accor­dance with the Mar­ried Fam­i­lies Domes­tic Vio­lence Act.  (Ord. No. 08–04; 05–19–08)

The fees to be assessed by the Coun­ty Clerk and Recorder of Deeds shall be as follows:

Attend Tax Sale; Issue Cer­tifi­cate Per Tract 12.00

Can­cel Tax Sale; Issue Cer­tifi­cate of Redemp­tion  33.00

Record­ing of Deeds  15.00

(See 55 LCS 5/4–4001 and 5/3–5018)