Code of Ordinances

of Union County, Illinois.

Ordinance Chapter: Chapter 7 - Business Licences

The fore­go­ing rules and reg­u­la­tions shall not be applic­a­ble to any busi­ness spon­sored or sub­si­dized in whole or in part by the Coun­ty of Union nor shall it apply to any busi­ness oper­at­ed by a cor­po­ra­tion incor­po­rat­ed under the not for prof­it act of the State of Illi­nois whose prin­ci­pal place of busi­ness is locat­ed in Union Coun­ty, Illinois.

The Chair­man of the Coun­ty Board is here­by autho­rized to pro­ceed by way of injunc­tion or any oth­er form of action to stop vio­la­tion of or to enforce com­pli­ance by all appli­cants and all per­sons cov­ered by this res­o­lu­tion with the terms and require­ments here­of, and addi­tion­al terms and require­ments imposed by the Coun­ty Board and the laws, rules and reg­u­la­tions adopt­ed by fed­er­al, state or local gov­ern­men­tal agen­cies applic­a­ble to the activ­i­ty or event in ques­tion.  In any event, any license issued under this Act may be revoked by the Coun­ty Board at any time if any of the con­di­tions nec­es­sary for the issuance of or con­tained in the license are not com­plied with or if any con­di­tion pre­vi­ous­ly met ceas­es to be com­plied with.

Appli­ca­tion for license under this Act shall be made in writ­ing to the Coun­ty Board at least six­ty (60) days in advance of the assem­bly and shall be act­ed upon by the Coun­ty Board with­in thir­ty (30) days or at the next reg­u­lar­ly sched­uled meet­ing of the Coun­ty Board after receipt of said appli­ca­tion.  If such appli­ca­tion meets all of the require­ments set forth above, the Coun­ty Board may issue a license to the appli­cant.  Such license, if grant­ed, shall per­mit the assem­bly of only the max­i­mum num­ber of peo­ple stat­ed in such license.

Appli­ca­tions for the license shall be made to the Coun­ty Board by fil­ing a writ­ten appli­ca­tion, togeth­er with the license fee in the office of the Coun­ty Clerk.  The appli­ca­tion shall be deliv­ered by the Coun­ty Clerk to the Chair­man of the Coun­ty Board.  An inves­ti­ga­tion and exam­i­na­tion to deter­mine the ade­qua­cy of the appli­ca­tion and to deter­mine com­pli­ance of said appli­ca­tion with the rules and reg­u­la­tions here­in set forth shall be con­duct­ed by the Chair­man or such per­sons as he may des­ig­nate.  The Chair­man shall report his find­ings to the Coun­ty Board at the reg­u­lar meet­ing or a spe­cial meet­ing called for that pur­pose.  The license shall be issued by the Chair­man over his sig­na­ture on behalf of the Coun­ty Board, after he is giv­en author­i­ty to do so by a major­i­ty vote of the Board, and shall be dis­played by the licensee in a promi­nent place at such activ­i­ty sight.

(A) The appli­ca­tion for license shall contain:

  1. Name, date of birth, driver’s license num­ber of the appli­cant.  If the appli­cant is a part­ner­ship or cor­po­ra­tion the appli­ca­tion shall con­tain the name, date of birth and driver’s license num­bers of all part­ners, cor­po­rate offi­cers, stock­hold­ers.  If the appli­cant is a cor­po­ra­tion the appli­ca­tion shall include a cer­ti­fied copy of the arti­cles of incor­po­ra­tion and a list of the names, address­es, dates of birth and driver’s license num­bers of all per­sons direct­ly involved in the man­age­ment of such activity.
  2. The loca­tion and legal descrip­tion of the premis­es where the activ­i­ty is pro­posed to be con­duct­ed, includ­ing all lands to be used direct­ly, indi­rect­ly or inci­den­tal to the pro­posed activ­i­ty or any part there­of.  As to all such lands, there shall be attached to the appli­ca­tion cer­ti­fied copies of doc­u­ments dis­clos­ing the nature of the inter­est of the appli­cant in and to the same.
  3. The date or dates and the hours dur­ing which the activ­i­ty is to be con­duct­ed and a state­ment as to whether or not the activ­i­ty will involve a total time peri­od of more than twelve (12) hours and if so, the total time period.
  4. A detailed state­ment, con­tain­ing plans and spec­i­fi­ca­tions of the applicant’s pro­gram and plans for the activ­i­ty in its entire­ty includ­ing, but not lim­it­ed to, the man­ner in which the appli­cant pro­pos­es to meet the reg­u­la­tions, require­ments and stan­dards pro­vid­ed for else­where in this res­o­lu­tion along with what­ev­er evi­dence of such plans may be required by the Coun­ty Board, includ­ing but not lim­it­ed to copies of actu­al signed contracts.
  5. An esti­mate of the costs of pro­duc­ing the activ­i­ty and all oth­er costs relat­ed there­to which said esti­mate shall not be bind­ing upon the Coun­ty Board.
  6. An esti­mate of the min­i­mum and max­i­mum num­bers of cus­tomers, spec­ta­tors, par­tic­i­pants and oth­er per­sons expect­ed to attend the activ­i­ty dai­ly or per performance.
  7. A state­ment cer­ti­fied on penal­ty of per­jury, the cor­rect­ness of the infor­ma­tion giv­en on the appli­ca­tion and in sup­port­ing doc­u­ments, and agree­ing on behalf of the pro­posed licensee that there shall be full com­pli­ance of the licensee with all state and local laws in the con­duct of the activ­i­ties for which a license may be granted.
  8. A copy of all con­tracts involved in the total event shall be fur­nished to the Chair­man of theCountyBoard.
  9. Autho­riza­tion for inspec­tion by the Chair­man or his rep­re­sen­ta­tive and/or by the Sher­iff of Union Coun­ty or his deputies.
  10. Appli­cant shall cer­ti­fy appli­ca­tion under oath before a notary public.

The stan­dards applic­a­ble to the afore­said event shall include the fol­low­ing, to-wit:

(A) Park­ing facil­i­ties, off pub­lic road­ways, shall be pro­vid­ed to ful­ly serve all rea­son­able antic­i­pat­ed require­ments at the rate of no more than one hun­dred (100) pas­sen­ger cars per usable acre or eighty (80) bus­es per usable acre.

(B) Privy con­struc­tion and loca­tion shall not con­sti­tute a threat to sur­face of under­ground water pol­lu­tion.  Such facil­i­ties shall be designed to ful­ly serve all rea­son­able antic­i­pat­ed require­ments at a rate of no more than one hun­dred (100) per­sons per toi­let seat and one hun­dred (100) per­sons per lava­to­ry.  Sealed con­tain­ers for toi­let waste are acceptable.

(C) One (1) pint of potable water per per­son, per hour, at the max­i­mum esti­mat­ed hourly atten­dance, shall be pro­vid­ed, and shall meet the approved water sup­ply stan­dard of the Unit­ed States Pub­lic Health Ser­vice as applied to inter­state traf­fic.  Inter­nal water dis­tri­b­u­tion shall meet the require­ments of the State ofIll­i­nois Plumb­ing Code.

(D) Inter­nal cov­ered stor­age and col­lec­tion of refuse shall be pro­vid­ed and shall not con­sti­tute a threat to sur­face or under­ground water pol­lu­tion.  A refuse dis­pos­al site approved by the State of Illi­nois Depart­ment of Pub­lic Health shall be pro­vid­ed; the premis­es and imme­di­ate sur­round­ing prop­er­ties shall be cleaned with­in forty-eight (48) hours after an event.

(E) Enclosed and roofed emer­gency first-aid facil­i­ties or shel­ters and food ser­vice arrange­ments includ­ing manda­to­ry dis­pens­ing of liq­uids in plas­tic, paper or sty­ro­foam cups, shall be pro­vid­ed to ful­ly serve all rea­son­able antic­i­pat­ed require­ments.  In addi­tion, the spon­sor, orga­niz­er or man­ag­er of such event shall pro­vide one (1) ambu­lance at the scene for every ten thou­sand (10,000) peo­pleone (1) reg­is­tered nurse for every ten thou­sand (10,000) peo­pleone (1) licensed physi­cian for every twen­ty thou­sand (20,000) peo­ple and one (1) first-aid tent for every ten thou­sand (10,000) peo­ple.

(F) Ampli­fy­ing equip­ment shall con­trol the noise lev­el at the perime­ter of the site to no more than sev­en­ty (70) deci­bels on the A scale of a sound lever meter which meets the spec­i­fi­ca­tions of the Amer­i­can Nation­al Stan­dards Institute.

(G) The site shall be pro­vid­ed with ade­quate light to illu­mi­nate the site at all times with a min­i­mum of five (5) can­dle pow­er.  All light­ing shall be con­trolled so as not to reflect on any area beyond the bound­ary of such site.

(H) Pub­lic lia­bil­i­ty and prop­er­ty dam­age insur­ance shall be fur­nished by the appli­cant at the rate of One Hun­dred Thou­sand Dol­lars ($100,000.00) per inci­dent and Five Hun­dred Thou­sand Dol­lars ($500,000.00) per occur­rence.  An umbrel­la pol­i­cy shall be pro­vid­ed in the fol­low­ing amounts:

Class 1 & 2                        $1,000,000.00

Class 3                             $2,000,000.00

Class 4                             $3,000,000.00

Class 5                             $4,000,000.00

Class 6                             $6,000,000.00

(I) Secu­ri­ty enforce­ment, includ­ing pre­ven­tion of the unlaw­ful use of alco­hol, nar­cotics, or dan­ger­ous drugs at the site, and meth­ods for lim­it­ing the size of the pro­posed func­tion to the num­ber of par­tic­i­pants for which the license has been grant­ed shall be employed by the appli­cant.  Secu­ri­ty enforce­ments shall include the exter­nal as well as the inter­nal crowd con­trol and suf­fi­cient secu­ri­ty per­son­nel for crowd con­trol and secu­ri­ty enforce­ment shall be pro­vid­ed.  One (1) secu­ri­ty guard shall be fur­nished for each five hun­dred (500) per­sons attend­ing any site.  Each guard shall be licensed pur­suant to the require­ments of 225 ILCS Sec. 446/1 et seq.

(J) At least three thou­sand (3,000) square feet shall be made avail­able for each trail­er or tent locat­ed at the site of the event.

(K) Appli­cant shall sub­mit, with his appli­ca­tion, proof of his finan­cial resources suf­fi­cient to exe­cute his plans, as sub­mit­ted and shall give such fur­ther assur­ances as may be required by the Coun­ty Board as a part of the license issued.  In addi­tion, appli­cant shall sub­mit with his appli­ca­tion, a per­for­mance bond guar­an­tee­ing against dam­age to the pro­posed site and dam­age to neigh­bor­ing prop­er­ty own­ers in the fol­low­ing amounts:

CLASS 1 & 2                                $50,000.00

Class 3                                    $100,000.00

Class 4                                    $150,000.00

Class 5                                    $200,000.00

Class 6                                    $250,000.00

(L) No enter­tain­ment activ­i­ty gov­erned here­by shall be locat­ed with­in five hun­dred (500) feet of any adja­cent prop­er­ty line or one thou­sand (1,000) feet from any occu­pied dwelling unless:

(1) The Coun­ty Board deter­mines that the area to be spe­cial­ly used by the activ­i­ty is ade­quate­ly buffered from all res­i­dent devel­op­ment; or

(2) A writ­ten waiv­er has been filed by the Coun­ty Board by own­ers of all adja­cent prop­er­ty with­in five hun­dred (500) feet of the pro­posed activ­i­ty area or the appli­cants of any dwelling with­in one thou­sand (1,000) feet of the pro­posed activ­i­ty area except­ing such dwelling as found by the Coun­ty Board to be ade­quate­ly buffered;

(3) All enter­tain­ment activ­i­ties shall be dis­con­tin­ued at the fol­low­ing times:

Class 1 & 2                        Midnight

Class 3, 4, 5 & 6                11:00 P.M.

All activ­i­ties cov­ered by this Arti­cle are required to be licensed by the Union Coun­ty Dis­trict Board, Union Coun­ty, Illi­nois, before they are per­mit­ted to trans­act busi­ness.  No phase of any such activ­i­ty shall be com­menced or con­tin­ued with­out a prop­er license.  Appli­ca­tion for license will be made in accor­dance with Sec­tion 7–8‑3 and 7–8‑4 here­of.  The license fee for the use of the Coun­ty ofU­nion in the man­ner here­inafter spec­i­fied shall be:

License Class  -> Dai­ly Atten­dance -> License Fee 

Class 1  -> Under 5,000 -> $500.00

Class 2 -> 5,000 to 10,000 -> 1,500.00

Class 3 -> 10,000 to 20,000 -> 3,000.00

Class 4 -> 20,000 to 30,000 -> 5,000.00

Class 5 -> 30,000 to 50,000 -> 10,000.00

Class 6 -> Over 50,000 -> 15,000.00

License fees for the sec­ond and sub­se­quent day shall be fifty per­cent (50%) of the fee for the first (1st) day.

All busi­ness­es, includ­ing not for prof­it busi­ness­es, engaged in the hold­ing or pro­vid­ing large group recre­ation or enter­tain­ment, includ­ing, but not lim­it­ed to car­ni­vals, cir­cus­es, fairs, fes­ti­vals, music fes­ti­vals, rock fes­ti­vals, and oth­er amuse­ment in Union Coun­ty, Illi­nois, out­side the lim­its of any city, vil­lage, or incor­po­rat­ed town, except­ing estab­lished com­mu­ni­ty orga­ni­za­tions and church­es so long as the antic­i­pat­ed or pro­ject­ed dai­ly atten­dance is less than five thou­sand (5,000) per­sons and so long as the estab­lished com­mu­ni­ty orga­ni­za­tion or church event is not linked in any way with an out­side busi­ness, includ­ing a not for prof­it busi­ness, and so long as the event is a recur­ring event hav­ing been in exis­tence pri­or to Jan­u­ary 1, 1984, shall be sub­ject to the con­di­tions in this Article.

Illi­nois pro­duce farm­ers are here­by exclud­ed from the license fee pro­vi­sions of this Arti­cle and may oper­ate from a fixed loca­tion from dawn to dusk.

All ped­dlers or hawk­ers oper­at­ing only with­in the cor­po­rate lim­its of a munic­i­pal­i­ty are here­by exempt from the pro­vi­sions of this Article.

Any licensed ped­dler or hawk­er who shall be guilty of any fraud, cheat­ing or mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion, whether through him­self or through an employ­ee while act­ing as a ped­dler in the Coun­ty or who shall barter, sell or ped­dle any goods or mer­chan­dise or wares oth­er than those spec­i­fied in the appli­ca­tion for a license shall be fined as pro­vid­ed in Chap­ter 1.

It is here­by declared to be unlaw­ful and shall con­sti­tute a nui­sance for any per­son whether reg­is­tered under this Code or not, to go upon any premis­es and ring the door bell upon or near any door of a res­i­dence locat­ed there­on, or rap or knock upon any door, or cre­ate any sound in any oth­er man­ner cal­cu­lat­ed to attract the atten­tion of the occu­pant there­of and engage in solic­it­ing as here­in defined, pri­or to 9:00 A.M. or after 4:00 P.M. of any week­day, or at any time on a Sun­day or on a State or Nation­al holiday.

The fee for a license issued under this Chap­ter shall be a dai­ly license of Ten Dol­lars ($10.00) and an annu­al license fee of Fifty Dol­lars ($50.00) per per­son for res­i­dents and an annu­al license of Sev­en­­­ty-Five Dol­lars ($75.00) per per­son for non-res­i­­­dents, the fee being per­son­able, not trans­fer­able, and not refundable.

Upon receipt of each appli­ca­tion, the Coun­ty Clerk shall pro­vide the Sher­iff a copy of same who shall inves­ti­gate the busi­ness char­ac­ter of the appli­cant and sub­mit a report to the Coun­ty Clerk with­in ten (10) days of receipt.

The per­son desir­ing a license may obtain the same by mak­ing appli­ca­tion with the Coun­ty Clerk and pro­vid­ing the fol­low­ing information:

(A) Name and phys­i­cal descrip­tion of applicant.

(B) Per­ma­nent home and address and local address if oper­at­ing from such an address.

(C) A brief descrip­tion of the busi­ness and of the goods to be sold.

(D) Name and address of the employ­er, if any.

(E) The length of time for which the right to do busi­ness is desired.

(F) Evi­dence that the agent is act­ing on behalf of the cor­po­ra­tion he represents.

(G) State­ment of the applicant’s crim­i­nal record, oth­er than a traf­fic record.

(H) The last three (3) cities, vil­lages, and/or coun­ties where the appli­cant car­ried on busi­ness imme­di­ate­ly pre­ced­ing date of appli­ca­tion and the address from which such busi­ness was con­duct­ed in those munic­i­pal­i­ties or counties.

Ped­dler” shall mean the sell­ing, bar­ter­ing, or exchang­ing or the offer­ing for sale, barter or exchange of any tan­gi­ble per­son­al prop­er­ty upon or along the street, high­ways, or any pub­lic place of the Coun­ty or from house to house, whether at one place there­on or from place to place, from any wag­on, truck push­cart or oth­er vehi­cle or from mov­able recep­ta­cles of any kind, but shall not include the deliv­ery of any item pre­vi­ous­ly ordered or the sale of items along deliv­ery routes where the pur­chas­er has pre­vi­ous­ly request­ed the sell­er to stop and exhib­it his items.  Nor shall ped­dle be tak­en to include the solic­i­ta­tion of orders by sam­ple where the goods are not deliv­ered at the time the order is taken.

It shall be unlaw­ful for any per­son, firm or cor­po­ra­tion to engage in the busi­ness of hawk­er or ped­dler of any mer­chan­dise, arti­cle or thing with­out hav­ing first secured a license therefore.

All per­sons solic­it­ing inside the cor­po­rate lim­its of a munic­i­pal­i­ty sub­ject to the pro­vi­sions of that munic­i­pal­i­ty are exempt from the pro­vi­sions of this Article.

Each approved reg­is­tered solic­i­tor shall pay to the Coun­ty Clerk a dai­ly fee of Twen­ty Dol­lars ($20.00), or an annu­al fee of One Hun­dred Dol­lars ($100.00); the fee being per­son­able, not trans­fer­able, and not refund­able.  The stat­ed fee shall not be reduced if less than an annu­al peri­od of reg­is­tra­tion is involved.

No solic­it­ing as defined here­in shall be con­duct­ed with­in the Coun­ty pri­or to 9:00 A.M. or after 4:00 P.M. of any week day, or at any time on a Sun­day, or a State or Nation­al holiday.

It is here­by declared to be unlaw­ful and shall con­sti­tute a nui­sance for any per­son to go upon any premis­es and ring the door bell, to knock, or make any sounds cal­cu­lat­ed to attract the atten­tion of the occupant(s) of such res­i­dence, for the pur­pose of secur­ing an audi­ence with the occupant(s) there­of, and engage in solic­it­ing is here­in defined in defi­ance of any notice vis­i­bly exhib­it­ed, post­ed or dis­played any­where on the res­i­dence stat­ing in man­ner of wordage that solic­it­ing is not permitted.

Any reg­is­tered solic­i­tor who has gained access or entrance to any res­i­dence, invit­ed or not, shall imme­di­ate­ly pro­duce his cer­tifi­cate of reg­is­tra­tion card when so request­ed, and shall imme­di­ate­ly and peace­ful­ly depart from those premis­es when request­ed to do so by any occupant(s) there­of.  No solic­i­tor shall solic­it for any oth­er pur­pose than that which is specif­i­cal­ly shown on his or her application.

The annu­al expi­ra­tion date of all cer­tifi­cates of reg­is­tra­tion shall be the first (1st) day of Jan­u­ary of each year, regard­less of when issued.

The Coun­ty Clerk after con­sid­er­a­tion of the appli­ca­tion, infor­ma­tion obtained rel­a­tive there­to, and pay­ment of the fee pre­scribed in Sec­tion 7–6‑10 here­of, shall issue a reg­is­tra­tion cer­tifi­cate card to appli­cant, or may deny the appli­ca­tion.  The Coun­ty Clerk may upon review­ing an appli­ca­tion pro­vide the Sher­iff a copy of same who shall inves­ti­gate the busi­ness char­ac­ter of the appli­cant and sub­mit a report to the Coun­ty Clerk with­in ten (10) days of receipt.  Any cer­tifi­cate of reg­is­tra­tion issued here­un­der may be revoked by the Coun­ty Clerk, if the cer­tifi­cate hold­er is con­vict­ed of a vio­la­tion of any pro­vi­sion of this Chap­ter or any oth­er ordi­nance of this Coun­ty, or of any State or Fed­er­al law, or has made a false mate­r­i­al state­ment in his appli­ca­tion.  To revoke a cer­tifi­cate, the Coun­ty Clerk shall mail by cer­ti­fied or reg­is­tered mail to cer­tifi­cate holder’s last address shown in his or her appli­ca­tion a let­ter stat­ing cer­tifi­cate is revoked and rea­sons there­fore.  The date of mail­ing of this notice shall deter­mine the date that the cer­tifi­cate is null and void.

Appli­ca­tion for a Cer­tifi­cate of Reg­is­tra­tion shall be made upon a form pro­vid­ed by the Coun­ty Clerk of this Coun­ty, and shall be filed with that same office.  The appli­cant shall truth­ful­ly state in full, the infor­ma­tion request­ed.  The form shall include name, age, address, mar­i­tal sta­tus, phys­i­cal descrip­tion, name of employ­er, nature of prod­uct or ser­vices and pro­posed method of oper­a­tion with­in the Coun­ty, in addi­tion to any oth­er infor­ma­tion deemed nec­es­sary by the Sher­iff, includ­ing fin­ger­print­ing. The Coun­ty Clerk’s office shall cause to be main­tained a com­plete and accu­rate record of each appli­ca­tion received, togeth­er with all oth­er infor­ma­tion or data per­tain­ing there­to, includ­ing denial of any application.

Every per­son desir­ing to engage in solic­i­ta­tion as here­in defined, with­in res­i­dences in this Coun­ty, is here­by required to annu­al­ly make writ­ten appli­ca­tion for a cer­tifi­cate of reg­is­tra­tion pri­or to any solic­i­ta­tion, as here­inafter pro­vid­ed, with the excep­tion not­ed in Sec­tion 7–6‑1, rel­a­tive to those char­i­ta­ble or non-prof­it groups, clubs, asso­ci­a­tions or projects.

It is here­by declared to be the pol­i­cy of the­Coun­ty­Board that the occupant(s) of the res­i­dences with­in theseC­ountyLim­its, shall make the deter­mi­na­tion of whether solic­i­tors shall be or shall not be invit­ed into the respec­tive res­i­den­tial property.

When­ev­er the fol­low­ing terms are used in this Arti­cle, they shall have the mean­ings ascribed to them in this Section.

(A) Solic­it­ing shall mean and include any one (1) or more of the fol­low­ing activ­i­ties:  Seek­ing to obtain orders, leads, refer­rals, or appli­ca­tions for the pur­chase of goods, con­tracts, poli­cies, wares, mer­chan­dise, food­stuffs, ser­vices of any kind, char­ac­ter or descrip­tion what­ev­er; for any kind of con­sid­er­a­tion what­ev­er or seek­ing to obtain sub­scrip­tions to books, pho­to or record clubs, mag­a­zines, pam­phlets, peri­od­i­cals, news­pa­pers, or any oth­er type of kind prod­uct, pub­li­ca­tion, or print­ed mate­r­i­al; or seek­ing to obtain infor­ma­tion of a sur­vey nature of any type, with the excep­tion of legit­i­mate cen­sus, or church sur­veys, or those polls or sur­veys con­duct­ed by autho­rized city, state or fed­er­al gov­ern­men­tal agen­cies, or their des­ig­nat­ed rep­re­sen­ta­tives; or seek­ing to obtain gifts, or con­tri­bu­tions of mon­ey, cloth­ing, or oth­er valu­able things for the sup­port or ben­e­fit of any char­i­ta­ble, or non-prof­it group, club, asso­ci­a­tion, cor­po­ra­tion or project, not pre-autho­rized in writ­ing by the Coun­ty Clerk, and must be in pos­ses­sion of his autho­riz­ing let­ter pri­or to com­menc­ing solic­i­ta­tion.  These groups shall be bound by this Sec­tion and Sec­tion 7–6‑9here­after.  These groups are exempt­ed from Sec­tion 7–6‑10 hereof.

Res­i­dents under six­teen (16) years of age, are specif­i­cal­ly exempt­ed from Sec­tion 7–6‑10 but are required to con­form to Sec­tion 7–6‑9 here­in and to ful­fill the same require­ments of pre-autho­rized let­ter as list­ed in the pre­ced­ing paragraph.

(B) Res­i­dence shall mean and include every sep­a­rate liv­ing unit occu­pied for res­i­den­tial pur­pos­es by one (1) or more per­sons, con­tained with­in any type build­ing or struc­ture, and this shall be so con­strued to include com­mer­cial estab­lish­ments of any size, type or descrip­tion with­in this County.

(C) Reg­is­tered Solic­i­tor shall mean and include any per­son who has obtained a valid cer­tifi­cate of reg­is­tra­tion as here­inafter provided.

It is unlaw­ful for any per­son to dis­charge or use fire­works in a reck­less man­ner which cre­ates a sub­stan­tial risk of death or seri­ous phys­i­cal injury to anoth­er per­son or dam­age to the prop­er­ty of another.

The Fire Chief or designee, is autho­rized to enforce all pro­vi­sions of this Code and, in addi­tion to crim­i­nal sanc­tions or civ­il reme­dies, may revoke any per­mit issued pur­suant to this Code upon any fail­ure or refusal of the per­mit­tee to com­ply with the law­ful orders and direc­tives of the Fire Chief or designee, or to com­ply with any pro­vi­sions of this Code or the require­ments of the com­mu­ni­ty devel­op­ment code relat­ing to tem­po­rary structures.

This Code is intend­ed to imple­ment applic­a­ble State law, to wit, Chap­ters 225 ILCS 227 and 425 ILCS 35, and shall be con­strued in con­nec­tion, with that law and any and all rules or reg­u­la­tions issued pur­suant to that law.

The pro­vi­sions of this Code shall not be applic­a­ble to toy paper caps con­tain­ing not more than twen­­­ty-five hun­dredths grain of explo­sive com­pound for each cap and trick nor to nov­el­ty device not clas­si­fied as com­mon fireworks.

This Code does not pro­hib­it the use of flares or fus­es in con­nec­tion with the oper­a­tion of motor vehi­cles, rail­roads, or oth­er trans­porta­tion agen­cies for sig­nal pur­pos­es or illu­mi­na­tion or for use in for­est pro­tec­tion activities.

This Code does not pro­hib­it the assem­bling, com­pound­ing, use and dis­play of spe­cial effects of what­ev­er nature by any per­son engaged in the pro­duc­tion of motion pic­tures, radio, or tele­vi­sion pro­duc­tions, the­atri­cals or operas when such use and dis­play is a nec­es­sary part of the pro­duc­tion and such per­son pos­sess­es a valid per­mit issued by the Coun­ty in accor­dance with Sec­tions 7–5‑7 and 7–5‑8 of this Code.

It shall be unlaw­ful for any per­son to dis­charge or pos­sess any fire­works upon pub­lic land or in any pub­lic park, owned by the Coun­ty, pro­vid­ed, how­ev­er, that such use shall be per­mit­ted under the fol­low­ing circumstances:

(A) This pro­vi­sion shall not apply to pos­ses­sion of fire­works in the oth­er­wise law­ful use of pub­lic rights of way such as side­walks and plant­i­ng strips.  This sub­sec­tion shall not be a defense to a charge of obstruct­ing traf­fic or oth­er­wise obstruct­ing a pub­lic right of way.

(B) The Fire Chief shall des­ig­nate lim­it­ed areas for use dur­ing the hours per­mit­ted by the Arti­cle for the dis­charge of fire­works as allowed by Sec­tion 7–5‑5 of this Arti­cle.  Oth­er­wise law­ful dis­charge and pos­ses­sion of fire­works as allowed by Sec­tion 7–5‑5 in such areas shall not be a vio­la­tion of this Sec­tion.  In doing so, the Fire Chief shall consider:

  1. The sen­si­tiv­i­ty of the area’s envi­ron­ment, wildlife and wildlife habitat;
  2. The incon­ve­nience and nui­sance to abut­ting prop­er­ty owners;
  3. The safe­ty and suit­abil­i­ty of the area as a place for the dis­charge of fire­works; and
  4. Dan­ger of fire or oth­er destruc­tion of pub­lic prop­er­ty and improve­ments from the use of the fireworks.

(C) Upon des­ig­na­tion of any area, it shall be signed and post­ed by July 1stof each year for use on July 4th between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 11:00 P.M.  Des­ig­na­tion of any area may be appealed in writ­ing to the Coun­ty Board by any cit­i­zen of the Coun­ty.  The deci­sion of the Coun­ty Board shall be final.

(D) Noth­ing in this Arti­cle shall be deemed to lim­it the author­i­ty of the Coun­ty Board to allow event dis­play of spe­cial fire­works under a per­mit issued in accor­dance with the pro­vi­sions of the Code and State statutes.

All pub­lic fire­works dis­plays shall con­form to the fol­low­ing min­i­mum stan­dards and conditions:

(A) All pub­lic fire­works dis­plays shall be planned, orga­nized and dis­charged by pyrotech­ni­cian, “Pyrotech­ni­cian” means an indi­vid­ual who by expe­ri­ence and train­ing has demon­strat­ed the required skill and abil­i­ty for safe­ty set­ting up and dis­charg­ing dis­plays of spe­cial fire­works.  All indi­vid­u­als shall have a license under the pro­vi­sions of the Pyrotech­nic Dis­trib­u­tor and Oper­a­tor Licens­ing Act. (225 ILCS 227)

(B) A per­mit must be obtained from the Coun­ty and approved by the Fire Chief or designee pri­or to any dis­play of pub­lic fire­works.  The per­mit shall include the name of the appli­cant and his or her address, the name of the Pyrotech­ni­cian and his or her address; the exact loca­tion, date and time of the pro­posed dis­play; the num­ber, type and class of fire­works to be dis­played the man­ner in which the fire­works are being stored pri­or to the pub­lic fire­works dis­play; and shall include the name and address of the insur­ance com­pa­ny pro­vid­ing the bond required.

(C) A draw­ing shall be sub­mit­ted to the Fire Chief show­ing a plan view of the fire­works dis­charge site and the sur­round­ing area with­in a five hun­dred (500) foot radius.

The draw­ing shall include all struc­tures, fences, bar­ri­cades, street fields, streams and any oth­er sig­nif­i­cant fac­tors that may be sub­ject­ed to igni­tion or that may inhib­it fire­fight­ing capabilities.

(D) When, in the opin­ion of the Fire Chief, such require­ment is nec­es­sary to pre­serve the pub­lic health, safe­ty and wel­fare, the per­mit may require that a Fire Depart­ment pumper and a min­i­mum of two trained fire­fight­ers shall be on site thir­ty (30) min­utes pri­or to and after the shoot­ing of the event.  The exhibitor shall repay the Coun­ty for all costs to fire­fight­ers for such time.

(E) All com­bustible debris and trash shall be removed from the area of dis­charge for a dis­tance of three hun­dred (300) feet in all directions.

(F) All unfired or “dud” fire­works shall be dis­posed of in a safe manner.

(G) A min­i­mum of two 2A-rat­ed pres­sur­ized water fire extin­guish­ers and one fire blan­ket shall be required to be at the fire­works dis­charge site.

(H) The per­mit shall be imme­di­ate­ly revoked at any time the Fire Chief or a designee deems such revo­ca­tion is nec­es­sary due to non­com­pli­ance, weath­er con­di­tions such as, but not lim­it­ed to, extreme­ly low humid­i­ty or high winds.  The dis­play shall also be can­celled by acci­den­tal igni­tion of any form of com­bustible or flam­ma­ble mate­r­i­al in the vicin­i­ty due to falling debris from the display.

(I) Areas of pub­lic access shall be deter­mined by the Fire Chief or design­er and main­tained in an approved manner.

The tem­po­rary stands of all seller’s per­mit hold­ers shall con­form to the fol­low­ing min­i­mum stan­dards and conditions:

(A) Tem­po­rary fire­works stands need not com­ply with all pro­vi­sions of the Build­ing Code; pro­vid­ed, how­ev­er, that all such stands be erect­ed under the super­vi­sion of the Sher­iff, who shall require all stands to be con­struct­ed in a safe man­ner ensur­ing the safe­ty of atten­dants and patrons.  In the event any tem­po­rary stand is wired for elec­tric­i­ty, the wiring shall con­form to the elec­tri­cal code.

(B) No tem­po­rary fire­works stand shall be locat­ed with­in fifty (50) feet of any oth­er build­ing or struc­ture, nor with­in two hun­dred fifty (250) feet of any gaso­line sta­tion, oil stor­age tank or premis­es where flam­ma­ble liq­uids or gas­es are kept or stored.

(C) Each tem­po­rary fire­works stand must have at least two exits, which shall be unob­struct­ed at all times.

(D) Each tem­po­rary fire­works stand shall have, in a read­i­ly acces­si­ble place, at least two, two and one-half (2½) gal­lon pres­sur­ized water fire extin­guish­ers which are in good work­ing order.

(E) All weeds, grass, and com­bustible mate­r­i­al shall be cleared from the loca­tion of the tem­po­rary fire­works stand and the sur­round­ing area to a dis­tance of not less than twen­­­ty-five (25) feet, mea­sured from the exte­ri­or walls of the tem­po­rary fire­works stand.

(F) No smok­ing shall be per­mit­ted in or near a tem­po­rary fire­works stand for a dis­tance of not less than fifty (50) feet mea­sured from the exte­ri­or walls of the tem­po­rary fire­works stand.  Signs stat­ing: No Smok­ing With­in 50 Feet” shall be post­ed on the exte­ri­or of each wall of the tem­po­rary fire­works stand.

(G) Each tem­po­rary fire­works stand shall have a per­son who is eigh­teen (18) years old or old­er in atten­dance at all times the stand is stocked.  Stock from the stand shall not be removed and stored in any oth­er build­ing dur­ing the sales peri­od with­out the express approval of the Fire Chief for the loca­tion involved.

(H) All unsold stock and accom­pa­ny­ing lit­ter shall be removed from the tem­po­rary fire­works stand by 12:00 Noon on the sev­enth (7th) day of July of each year.

(I) No tem­po­rary fire­works stand shall be locat­ed with­in five hun­dred (500) feet of any oth­er tem­po­rary fire­works stand.

(J) Each tem­po­rary fire­works stand shall have pro­vi­sions for suf­fi­cient off-street park­ing, at least fif­teen (15) spaces, to avoid imped­ing a con­tin­u­ous flow of traf­fic at entrances and exits from the premises.

(K) No per­son shall dis­charge any fire­works with­in two hun­dred fifty (250) feet of the exte­ri­or walls of any tem­po­rary fire­works stand.  Signs stat­ing: “No dis­charge of fire­works with­in 250 feet.” shall be post­ed on the exte­ri­or of all walls of the tem­po­rary fire­works stand.

All approved fire­works as set forth in Sec­tion 7–5‑5 of this Arti­cle except toy paper caps con­tain­ing not more than twen­­­ty-five hun­dredths grain of explo­sive com­pound for each cap and trick or nov­el­ty device not clas­si­fied as com­mon fire­works, shall be sold and dis­trib­uted only from tem­po­rary stands.

Appli­ca­tions for seller’s per­mits shall be made to the Coun­ty Clerk annu­al­ly on or after April 1st of the year for which the per­mit is issued and the fil­ing peri­od shall close on April 15th of such year unless extend­ed by action of the Coun­ty Board.  Appli­ca­tions shall be signed by the retail sell­er, if an indi­vid­ual, or by the duly autho­rized offi­cer, if an asso­ci­a­tion or cor­po­ra­tion.  It is unlaw­ful for a fire­works man­u­fac­tur­er, whole­saler or sup­pli­er to make appli­ca­tion for or to obtain a retail sales per­mit on behalf of any retail­er.  Seller’s per­mits for the sale of those fire­works allowed pur­suant to Sec­tion 7–5‑4 of this Arti­cle shall be issued only to appli­cants meet­ing the fol­low­ing conditions:

(A) The retail­er or per­son in charge and respon­si­ble for the retail oper­a­tion shall be twen­­­ty-one (21) years of age or old­er, of good moral char­ac­ter and of demon­strat­ed responsibility.

(B) The appli­cant shall have a valid and cur­rent license issued by the State of Illi­nois autho­riz­ing the hold­er to engage in the retail sale of fire­works.  (See 425 ILCS 35)

(C) The appli­cant shall own or have the right to pos­sess a tem­po­rary fire­works stand com­ply­ing with the require­ments of this Article.

(D) The appli­cant shall pro­cure and main­tain a pol­i­cy or poli­cies of pub­lic lia­bil­i­ty and prop­er­ty dam­age insur­ance issued by a com­pa­ny or com­pa­nies autho­rized to do busi­ness in the State of Illi­nois in the fol­low­ing min­i­mum amounts: Five Hun­dred Thou­sand Dol­lars ($500,000.00) for injuries to any one per­son in one acci­dent or occur­rence; One Mil­lion Dol­lars ($1,000,000.00) for injuries to two or more per­sons in any one acci­dent or occur­rence; Five Hun­dred Thou­sand Dol­lars ($500,000.00) for dam­age to prop­er­ty in any one acci­dent or occur­rence; One Mil­lion Dol­lars ($1,000,000.00) com­bined sin­gle lim­it for any one acci­dent or occur­rence.  In addi­tion, the Coun­ty is to be an addi­tion­al named insured and the pol­i­cy shall pro­vide for the imme­di­ate noti­fi­ca­tion of the Coun­ty by the insur­er of any can­cel­la­tion of any policy.

(E) The per­mit holder’s loca­tion or place of busi­ness shall be only in those areas or zones with­in the Coun­ty where com­mer­cial activ­i­ties are autho­rized under applic­a­ble zon­ing law; pro­vid­ed, that the sale of those fire­works autho­rized by Sec­tion 7–5‑5 of this Arti­cle shall not be deemed an enlarge­ment of an exist­ing non­con­form­ing use.

(F) The appli­cant shall post with the Coun­ty a per­for­mance bond or a cash deposit in an amount not less than Two Hun­dred Dol­lars ($200.00) con­di­tioned upon the prompt removal of the tem­po­rary fire­works stand and the clean­ing up of all debris from the site of the stand, which deposit shall be returned to the appli­cant only in the event that the appli­cant removes the tem­po­rary stand and cleans up all debris to the sat­is­fac­tion of the Coun­ty.  In the event the appli­cant fails to do so, the per­for­mance bond or cash deposit shall be for­feit­ed.  In no event shall the appli­cant be enti­tled to the return of the per­for­mance bond or cash deposit if he or she has failed to remove the stand and clean up all debris by the tenth (10th) of July fol­low­ing the sales period.

(G) No seller’s per­mit shall be issued for a loca­tion which fails to meet the cri­te­ria set forth in Sec­tion 7–5‑11 of this Arti­cle, includ­ing the min­i­mum stand sep­a­ra­tion require­ment.  When nec­es­sary, in order to deter­mine pri­or­i­ty as to a pro­posed loca­tion, the ear­li­est date and time of fil­ing of an appli­ca­tion for a seller’s per­mit with the Coun­ty Clerk shall be controlling.

Appli­ca­tions for a per­mit to con­duct a pub­lic dis­play of fire­works shall be made to the Fire Chief at least four­teen (14) days pri­or to the sched­uled event.  Appli­cants shall meet all qual­i­fi­ca­tions and require­ments of state law regard­ing pub­lic dis­play of fire­works and all fire and safe­ty require­ments as set forth in the stan­dards for pub­lic dis­play, and as set forth in Sec­tion 7–5‑12 of this Article.

(A) Sell­ers.  Each seller’s per­mit issued under this Arti­cle shall be for only one retail out­let.  The num­ber of seller’s per­mits shall not be lim­it­ed as long as all con­di­tions are met as stat­ed in Sec­tion 7–5‑11 of this Arti­cle.  Each seller’s per­mit issued pur­suant to this Arti­cle shall be valid only for the cur­rent year, shall be used only by the des­ig­nat­ed per­mit­tee and shall be nontransferable.

(B) Pub­lic Dis­play Per­mit.  Each pub­lic dis­play per­mit issued pur­suant to this Arti­cle shall be valid for the spe­cif­ic autho­rized pub­lic dis­play event only, shall be used only by the des­ig­nat­ed per­mit­tee and shall be non­trans­fer­able.  Any trans­fer or unau­tho­rized use of a per­mit is vio­la­tion of this Arti­cle and shall void the per­mit grant­ed in addi­tion to all oth­er sanc­tions pro­vid­ed in this Article.

The annu­al fee for a “seller’s per­mit” for the sale of fire­works as may be autho­rized under this Arti­cle, shall be One Hun­dred Dol­lars ($100.00)per year for each seller’s per­mit, payable in advance.  The fee for a “pub­lic dis­play per­mit” for the pub­lic dis­play of fire­works shall be One Hun­dred Dol­lars ($100.00), payable in advance, unless waived by the Coun­ty Board.

No per­mit hold­er shall offer for retail sale or sell any fire­works with­in the Coun­ty except from 12:00 Noon on the 28th of June to 12:00 Noon on the 6th of July of each year.  No fire­works may be sold or dis­charged between the hours of 11:00 P.M. and 9:00 A.M.  Pro­vid­ed, the sale and use of fire­works as pro­vid­ed in this Sec­tion shall be lim­it­ed to the following:

Dipped stick, sparklers and smoke devices.

It is unlaw­ful for any per­son to engage in the retail sale of or to sell fire­works or to hold, con­duct, or engage in a pub­lic dis­play of fire­works with­in the Coun­ty with­out first hav­ing obtained a valid per­mit issued pur­suant to the pro­vi­sions of this Article.

It is unlaw­ful for any per­son to sell, pos­sess, use, trans­fer, dis­charge or explode any dan­ger­ous fire­work with­in the Coun­ty; pro­vid­ed that this pro­hi­bi­tion shall not apply to duly autho­rized pub­lic displays.

It is unlaw­ful for any per­son to sell any fire­works with­in the Coun­ty oth­er than those fire­works des­ig­nat­ed in Sec­tion 7–5‑5 of this Arti­cle, pro­vid­ed that this pro­hi­bi­tion shall not apply to duly autho­rized pub­lic displays.

As used in this Arti­cle, the fol­low­ing terms shall have the fol­low­ing mean­ings, unless the con­text clear­ly indi­cates that a dif­fer­ent mean­ing is intended:

Com­mon Fire­works:  Any fire­works designed pri­mar­i­ly to pro­duce visu­al or audi­ble effects by combustion.

(A) The term includes:

  1. Ground and hand-held sparkling devices, includ­ing items com­mon­ly known as dipped sticks, sparklers, cylin­dri­cal foun­tains, cone foun­tains, illu­mi­nat­ing torch­es, wheels, ground spin­ners, and flit­ter sparklers;
  2. Smoke devices;
  3. Fire­works com­mon­ly known as heli­copters, aeri­als, spin­ners, roman can­dles, mines and shells;
  4. Class C explo­sives clas­si­fied as com­mon fire­works by the Unit­ed States Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion, by reg­u­la­tions found in the Code of Fed­er­al Reg­u­la­tions.

(B) The term does not include fire­works com­mon­ly known as fire­crack­ers, salutes, chasers, sky­rock­ets, and mis­­­sile-type rockets.

Dan­ger­ous Fire­works:  Any fire­works not defined as a “com­mon firework”.

Fire­works:  Any com­po­si­tion or device, in a fin­ished state, con­tain­ing any com­bustible or explo­sive sub­stance for the pur­pose of pro­duc­ing a vis­i­ble or audi­ble effect by com­bus­tion, explo­sion, defla­gra­tion, or det­o­na­tion, and clas­si­fied as com­mon or spe­cial fireworks.

Spe­cial Fire­works:  Any fire­works designed pri­mar­i­ly for exhi­bi­tion dis­play by pro­duc­ing vis­i­ble or audi­ble effects.  The term includes:

  • Fire­works com­mon­ly known as sky­rock­ets, mis­­­sile-type rock­ets, fire­crack­ers, salutes, and chasers; and
  • Fire­works not clas­si­fied as com­mon fireworks.

Any per­son, firm, cor­po­ra­tion, soci­ety, asso­ci­a­tion or orga­ni­za­tion that vio­lates any pro­vi­sion of this Arti­cle shall be fined not less than One Hun­dred Dol­lars ($100.00) or more than One Thou­sand Dol­lars ($1,000.00).

(A) Each orga­ni­za­tion licensed to con­duct raf­fles shall keep records of its gross receipts, expens­es and net pro­ceeds for each sin­gle gath­er­ing or occa­sion at which win­ning chances are deter­mined.  All deduc­tions from the gross receipts for each sin­gle gath­er­ing or occa­sion shall be doc­u­ment­ed with receipts or oth­er records indi­cat­ing the amount, a descrip­tion of the pur­chased item or ser­vice or oth­er rea­son for the deduc­tion, and the recip­i­ent.  The dis­tri­b­u­tion of net pro­ceeds shall be item­ized as to pay­ee, pur­pose, amount and date of payment.

(B) Records required by this Sec­tion shall be pre­served for three (3) years, and the orga­ni­za­tion shall make avail­able their records relat­ing to oper­a­tion of raf­fles for pub­lic inspec­tion at rea­son­able times and places.

(A) All oper­a­tion of, and the con­duct of, raf­fles shall be under the super­vi­sion of a sin­gle raf­fle man­ag­er des­ig­nat­ed by the orga­ni­za­tion.  At the time the appli­ca­tion is sub­mit­ted to Union Coun­ty, the man­ag­er shall give a fideli­ty bond in the amount of the max­i­mum dol­lar amount of all raf­fle chances to be sold, as stat­ed on the appli­ca­tion, in favor of the orga­ni­za­tion con­di­tioned upon his hon­esty in the per­for­mance of his duties.

(B) The above bond require­ment may be waived upon the sig­na­ture of the organization’s pre­sid­ing offi­cer, attest­ing to a unan­i­mous vote of the mem­bers of the licensed orga­ni­za­tion waiv­ing such bond.

The con­duct­ing of raf­fles is sub­ject to the fol­low­ing restrictions:

(A) The entire net pro­ceeds of any raf­fle must be exclu­sive­ly devot­ed to the law­ful pur­pos­es of the orga­ni­za­tion per­mit­ted to con­duct that game.

(B) No per­son except a bona fide mem­ber of the spon­sor­ing orga­ni­za­tion may par­tic­i­pate in the man­age­ment or oper­a­tion of the raffle.

(C) No per­son may receive any remu­ner­a­tion or prof­it for par­tic­i­pat­ing in the man­age­ment or oper­a­tion of the raffle.

(D) A licensee may rent a premis­es on which to deter­mine a win­ning chance or chances in a raf­fle only from an orga­ni­za­tion which has also been licensed under this Article.

(E) Raf­fle chances may be sold or issued only at the loca­tions spec­i­fied on the license, and win­ning chances may be deter­mined only at those loca­tions spec­i­fied on the license.

(F) A per­son under the age of eigh­teen (18) years may par­tic­i­pate in the con­duct­ing of raf­fles or chances only with the per­mis­sion of a par­ent or guardian.  A per­son under the age of eigh­teen (18) years may be with­in the area where win­ning chances are being deter­mined only when accom­pa­nied by his par­ent or guardian.