Upon the adop­tion by the Coun­ty Board of Com­mis­sion­ers, this Coun­ty Code is here­by declared to be and shall here­after con­sti­tute the offi­cial “Revised Code of Ordi­nances of Union Coun­ty”.  The Revised Code of Ordi­nances shall be known and cit­ed as the “Coun­ty Code”, and it is here­by pub­lished by author­i­ty of the Coun­ty Board and shall be kept up‑to‑date as pro­vid­ed in Sec­tion 1‑1‑3 under the direc­tion of the State’s Attor­ney, act­ing for the Coun­ty Board. Any ref­er­ence to the num­ber of any sec­tion con­tained here­in shall be under­stood to refer to the posi­tion of the same num­ber, its appro­pri­ate chap­ter and arti­cle head­ing and to the gen­er­al penal­ty clause relat­ing there­to as well as to the sec­tion itself when ref­er­ence is made to this Coun­ty Code by title in any legal document.