(A) The penal­ty pro­vid­ed in this Chap­ter shall be ap­plicable to every sec­tion of this Coun­ty Code, the same as though it were a part of each and every sep­a­rate sec­tion.  Any per­son con­vict­ed of a vio­la­tion of any sec­tion of this Coun­ty Code, where any duty is pre­scribed or oblig­a­tion imposed, or where any act which is of a con­tin­u­ing nature or declared to be unlaw­ful, shall be deemed guilty of a mis­de­meanor. A sep­a­rate offense shall be deemed com­mit­ted upon each day such duty or oblig­a­tion remains unper­formed or such act con­tin­ues, unless oth­er­wise specif­i­cal­ly pro­vid­ed in this Coun­ty Code.

(B) In all cas­es where the same offense is made punish­able or is cre­at­ed by dif­fer­ent claus­es or sec­tions of this Coun­ty Code, the pros­e­cut­ing offi­cer may elect under which to pro­ceed; but not more than one (1) recov­ery shall be had against the same per­son for the same offense; pro­vid­ed that the revo­ca­tion of a license or per­mit shall not be con­sid­ered a recov­ery or penal­ty so as to bar any oth­er penal­ty being enforced.

(C) When­ev­er the doing of any act or the omis­sion to do any act con­sti­tutes a breach of any sec­tion or pro­vi­sion of this Coun­ty Code, and there shall be no fine or penal­ty specif­i­cal­ly declared for such breach, the pro­vi­sions of this Chap­ter shall apply and a sep­a­rate offense shall be deemed com­mit­ted upon each day dur­ing or on which a breach or vio­la­tion occurs or continues.