All gen­er­al ordi­nances of the Coun­ty passed pri­or to the adop­tion of this Code are here­by repealed, except such as are referred to here­in as being still in force or are, by nec­es­sary impli­ca­tion, here­in reserved from repeal [sub­ject to the sav­ing claus­es con­tained in the fol­low­ing sec­tions], from which are exclud­ed the fol­low­ing ordi­nances, which are not here­by repealed:

Tax Levy Ordi­nances; Appro­pri­a­tion Ordi­nances; Fran­chise Ordi­nance and oth­er Ordi­nances Grant­i­ng Spe­cial Rights to Per­sons or Cor­po­ra­tions; Con­tract Ordi­nances and Ordi­nances Autho­riz­ing the Exe­cu­tion of a Con­tract or the Issuance of War­rants; Ordi­nances Estab­lish­ing, Nam­ing, or Vacat­ing Streets, Alleys, or Oth­er Pub­lic Places; Improve­ment Ordi­nances; Bond Ordi­nances: Ordi­nances Relat­ing to Elec­tions; Ordi­nances Relat­ing to the Trans­fer or Accep­tance of Real Estate by or from the Coun­ty; and all Spe­cial Ordinances.