A motion to amend shall be in order, but one to amend an amend­ment to an amend­ment shall not be enter­tained. An amend­ment mod­i­fy­ing the inten­tion of a motion shall be in order, but an amend­ment relat­ing to anoth­er sub­ject shall not be in order. On an amend­ment to strike out and insert, the para­graph to be amend­ed shall first be read as it stands, then the words pro­posed to be strick­en out, then those to be insert­ed, and final­ly, the para­graph as it will stand if so amend­ed shall be read. An amend­ment to the main ques­tion or oth­er pend­ing ques­tion may be referred to a com­mit­tee, and nei­ther the main ques­tion, nor such oth­er pend­ing ques­tion shall be affect­ed thereby.