A vote or ques­tion may be recon­sid­ered at any time dur­ing the same meet­ing, or at the first reg­u­lar meet­ing held there­after. A motion for recon­sid­er­a­tion, hav­ing been once made and decid­ed in the neg­a­tive, shall not be renewed, nor shall a motion to recon­sid­er be reconsidered.

A motion to recon­sid­er must be made and sec­ond­ed by mem­bers who vot­ed on the pre­vail­ing side of the ques­tion to be reconsid­ered, unless oth­er­wise pro­vid­ed by law; pro­vid­ed, how­ev­er, that where a motion has received a major­i­ty vote in the affir­ma­tive, but is declared lost sole­ly on the ground that a greater num­ber of affir­ma­tive votes are required by statute for the pas­sage or adop­tion of such motion, then in such case, a motion to recon­sid­er may be made and sec­ond­ed only by those who vot­ed in the affir­ma­tive on such ques­tion to be reconsidered.