Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

1-2-6 Address by Non-Members

Any person no a member of the Board of County Commissioners may address the Board of Commissioners with regard to items of proposed business under the following rules:

(A) He or she must come by the CountyClerk’s office during regular office hours on the Friday before the third Tuesday of each month and sign a request form to be placed on the Board meeting agenda to address the Board of Commissioners.  (See Addendum “B”)

(B) He or she shall rise (if not physically impaired) and state his or her name and address for the record and unless further time is granted by the Board to limit remarks to five (5) minutes.  All remarks shall be addressed to the Board of Commissioners, not to any member thereof.

(C) No person other than the Commissioner recognizing the individual addressing the Board and the person having the floor shall be permitted to enter into any discussion directly or through a member of the Board without the permission of the County Board Chairman.  No questions shall be asked of a Commissioner except through the Chairman.  Any person making personal or impertinent remarks or who shall become disruptive addressing the Board of Commissioners shall be forthwith evicted from the Board room by the Chairman.

The Sheriff or his authorized designee shall be the Sergeant at Arms at the Board meetings.  He or she shall carry out all orders and instructions of the Chairman for the purposes of maintaining order and decorum.  The Sergeant at Arms shall remove any person violating order and decorum of the meeting.  Such removal may be accompanied by further prosecution for any violation of any ordinance under this Code.

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