Spe­cial meet­ings of the Board shall be held only when request­ed by at least one-third (1/3) of the mem­bers of the Board or by the Chair­man of the Coun­ty Board, which request shall be in writ­ing, and spec­i­fy­ing the time and place of such meet­ing, upon recep­tion of which the Clerk shall imme­di­ate­ly trans­mit notice, in writ­ing, of such meet­ing, to each of the mem­bers of the Board.  The Clerk shall also cause notice of such meet­ing to be pub­lished in some news­pa­per print­ed in the Coun­ty and pre­sent­ed to the Clerk of the Board at least four (4) days pri­or to the date of said meet­ing.  (See 55 ILCS 5/2–1001 and 55 ILCS 5/2–1002).