(A) It shall be unlaw­ful for any solic­i­tor or can­vass­er as defined in para­graph (B) of this Sec­tion to engage in such busi­ness with­in all Coun­ty owned buildings.

(B) A solic­i­tor or can­vass­er is defined as any indi­vid­ual tak­ing or attempt­ing to take orders for sale of goods, wares, and mer­chan­dise, per­son­al prop­er­ty of any nature what­so­ev­er for future deliv­ery or for ser­vices to be fur­nished or per­formed in the future, whether or not such indi­vid­ual has, car­ries, or expos­es for sale a sam­ple of the sub­ject for such sale or whether he is col­lect­ing advance pay­ments on such sales or not.

(C) The Sher­iff shall post at each entrance to the build­ings a sign stat­ing “No Solic­i­tors or Can­vassers”.  The fail­ure of the Sher­iff to post such signs or the absence of such a sign on any occa­sion shall not affect the valid­i­ty of this Section.

(D) It shall be the duty of the Sher­iff to enforce the pro­vi­sions of this Sec­tion against any per­son found to be vio­lat­ing the same.