Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

1-4-4 Claims

(A) Presentation.  All claims against the County for goods purchased, damaged, or originating in any other way, except for claims for salaries and other allowances that are fixed by ordinance must be presented at least five (5) business days prior to theCountyBoard meeting.  All such claims must be in writing and items shall be specified.

(B) Exception.  This does not prohibit the County Board from passing on any claims not previously presented to the Board, if, in the opinion of the Board, justice to the claimant requires it.

(C) Prioritization.  The County Treasurer and County Clerk, upon prior consultation with theCountyBoard, may prioritize the payment of claims against certain funds.  When it is agreed by all parties that the payment of claims should be prioritized due to financial constraints or other factors, the priority of payment shall be as follows:

(1) Payroll and employee benefits.

(2) Necessary utilities.

(3) Other goods and services.

Claims shall be as soon as practical following their approval.

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