(A) Expens­es for the use of a pri­vate auto­mo­bile shall be reim­bursed at the rate per mile reim­bursed to employ­ees of the State of Illi­nois at the time the mileage is accu­mu­lat­ed.  The Coun­ty Clerk shall ascer­tain the cur­rent reim­burse­ment rate from time to time.  This reim­burse­ment rate shall be con­strued to include any and all costs for the oper­a­tion of a pri­vate­ly owned auto­mo­bile on Coun­ty busi­ness, the Coun­ty of Union not incur­ring any addi­tion­al lia­bil­i­ty therefrom.

(B) The Coun­ty shall reim­burse park­ing fees and high­way and bridge tolls.  Requests for reim­burse­ment of such fees shall be accom­pa­nied by receipts, where possible.

(C) Reim­burse­ment of pri­vate auto­mo­bile usage expens­es must be request­ed in writ­ten form, which shall show the payee’s name, trav­el dates, net mileage, des­ti­na­tion and pur­pose of the trip.

(D) All claims for reim­burse­ment shall be sub­ject to review and final approval by the CountyBoard.