(A) The Coun­ty will advance to the trav­el­er upon prop­er request the following:

  1. Esti­mat­ed meal expense at the per diem rate of Thir­­ty-Six Dol­lars ($36.00).
  2. Esti­mat­ed sin­gle room rate for the num­ber of nights expect­ed to be stayed by the traveler.

(B) Where at all pos­si­ble, the hotel expense should be paid in advance.

(C) When a trav­el­er receives an advance expense check, the amount so advanced will be set up on an indi­vid­ual account receiv­able from the trav­el­er.  After five (5) work­ing days, the trav­el­er must turn in all receipts and set­tle his account with the Coun­ty.  If the trav­el­er owes the Coun­ty, he must sub­mit pay­ment imme­di­ate­ly or the Coun­ty will deduct any such debt from the pay­roll check of the traveler.