Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

11-4-A-11 Personnel Files

Section 1.  Personnel Files.  The Employer shall keep a central personnel file within the bargaining unit for each officer.  Employer is free to keep working files, but material not maintained in the central personnel file may not provide the basis for disciplinary or other action against an officer.

Section 2.  Inspection.  Upon request of an officer, the Employer shall reasonably permit an officer to inspect his personnel file subject to the following:

(A) Such inspection shall occur immediately following receipt of the request;

(B) Such inspection shall occur during daytime working hours Monday through Friday upon reasonable request;

(C) The officer shall not be permitted to remove any part of the personnel file from the premises but may obtain copies of any information contained therein upon payment for the cost of copying;

(D) Upon written authorization by the requesting officer, in cases where such officer has a written grievance pending, and is inspecting his file with respect to such grievance, that officer may have a representative of the Union present during such inspection and/or may designate in such written authorization that said representative may inspect his personnel file subject to the procedures contained in this Article;

(E) Pre-employment information, such as reference reports, credit checks or information provided the Employer with a specific request that it remain confidential, shall not be subject to inspection or copying;

(F) Material exempt from inspection by state or federal law shall be exempt from inspection and copying.

Section 3.  Notification.  Officers shall be given immediate notice by Employer when a formal, written warning or other disciplinary documentation is permanently placed in their personnel file.

Section 4.  Limitation on Use of File Material.  It is agreed that any material and/or matter not available for inspection, such as provided in Section 1 and 2 above, shall not be used in any manner or any forum adverse to the officer’s interests, until the officer is notified of the use of the material and/or matter.  Thereafter, the material shall be subject to reasonable inspection in conjunction with the proceeding to which it is related.  Written reprimands or other documentation shall not be used in any manner or forum adverse to the employee’s interests three (3) years after its issuance.

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