Sec­tion 1.  Def­i­n­i­tion of Senior­i­ty.  As used here­in, the term “senior­i­ty” shall refer to and be defined as the con­tin­u­ous length of ser­vice or employ­ment cov­ered by this Agree­ment from the date of last hire.

Sec­tion 2.  Pro­ba­tion Peri­od.  An offi­cer is a “pro­ba­tion­ary offi­cer” for his first twelve (12) months of employ­ment.  No mat­ter con­cern­ing the dis­ci­pline, lay­off, or ter­mi­na­tion of a pro­ba­tion­ary offi­cer shall be sub­ject to the griev­ance and arbi­tra­tion pro­ce­dures.  A pro­ba­tion­ary offi­cer shall have no senior­i­ty, except as oth­er­wise pro­vid­ed in this Agree­ment, until he has com­plet­ed his pro­ba­tion­ary peri­od.  Upon the com­ple­tion of his pro­ba­tion­ary peri­od, he will acquire senior­i­ty from his date of hire.

Sec­tion 3.  Senior­i­ty List.  The Employ­er andUnion have agreed upon the ini­tial senior­i­ty list set­ting forth the present senior­i­ty dates for all offi­cers cov­ered by this Agree­ment and shall become effec­tive on or after the date of exe­cu­tion of this Agree­ment.  Such lists shall final­ly resolve all ques­tions of senior­i­ty affect­ing offi­cers cov­ered under this Agree­ment or employed at the time the Agree­ment becomes effec­tive.  Dis­putes as to senior­i­ty list­ing shall be resolved through the griev­ance pro­ce­dure.  The ini­tial agreed list is attached here­to as Exhib­it B and made a part hereof.

Sec­tion 4.  Ter­mi­na­tion of Senior­i­ty.  An offi­cer shall be ter­mi­nat­ed by the Employ­er and his senior­i­ty bro­ken when he:

(A) quits; or

(B) is dis­charged for just cause; or

(C) is laid off pur­suant to the pro­vi­sions of the applic­a­ble agree­ment for a peri­od of twen­­ty-four (24) months; or

(D) accepts gain­ful employ­ment while on an approved leave of absence from the Sheriff’s Depart­ment; or

(E) is absent for three (3) con­sec­u­tive sched­uled work days with­out prop­er noti­fi­ca­tion or autho­riza­tion; or

(F)  fails to return to work at the con­clu­sion of an approved leave of absence for a peri­od of three (3) con­sec­u­tive days.

Sec­tion 5.  Senior­i­ty While on Leave.  Offi­cers will not con­tin­ue to accrue senior­i­ty cred­it for all time spent on autho­rized unpaid leave of absence.

Sec­tion 6.  Con­flicts in Vaca­tion.  Offi­cers shall select the peri­od of their annu­al vaca­tion on the basis of senior­i­ty.  Vaca­tion sched­ules may be adjust­ed to accom­mo­date sea­son­al oper­a­tions, sig­nif­i­cant revi­sion in orga­ni­za­tion, work assign­ments or the num­ber of per­son­nel in par­tic­u­lar ranks.  Pro­vid­ed how­ev­er, that no more than one (1) offi­cer from each shift may take vaca­tion at the same time and no offi­cer shall receive pri­or­i­ty for more than two (2) weeks vaca­tion per year.

Sec­tion 7.  Intrade­part­men­tal Trans­fers.  When an employ­ee trans­fers between the dis­patch divi­sion and the patrol divi­sion, he shall move to the salary step near­est to his then-cur­rent step, which would yield a salary increase.  Such employ­ees shall serve a one (1) year pro­ba­tion­ary peri­od dur­ing which he may be returned to his pri­or dis­patch posi­tion at the dis­cre­tion of the Employ­er.  Trans­ferred employ­ees shall move 
from step to step on the anniver­sary date of their trans­fer.  Employ­ees shall con­tin­ue to accrue vaca­tion and sick leave based on his entry date into the bar­gain­ing unit.  Entry date into the divi­sion shall dic­tate such intradi­vi­sion items as vaca­tion pref­er­ence, shift selec­tion (if applic­a­ble), and turn­sheet position.

Sec­tion 8.  Shift Bid­ding by Senior­i­ty.  Employ­ees cov­ered by this Agree­ment shall select their shift assign­ments and days off on the basis of senior­i­ty.  Shifts shall be bid annu­al­ly, and such changes shall be effec­tive of the first day of the first pay peri­od in Decem­ber of each year.  No over­time oblig­a­tion will result from such shift changes.  Vacan­cies (whether caused by trans­fer, new hire, res­ig­na­tion, or oth­er rea­sons) with­in the bar­gain­ing unit shall also be filled mid-year through such senior­i­ty bidding.