Sec­tion 1.  Vaca­tion Leave.  All full-time offi­cers shall earn vaca­tion time.  Offi­cers on leave of absence or lay­off shall not accrue vaca­tion time.  Eli­gi­ble offi­cers shall earn vaca­tion time in accor­dance with the fol­low­ing schedule:

All reg­u­lar offi­cers with­in the bar­gain­ing unit shall be enti­tled to vaca­tion time with pay under the fol­low­ing schedule:

1 – 10 years of ser­vice 2 weeks

10 years of ser­vice 3 weeks

11 years of ser­vice and beyond 3 weeks plus one nor­mal work day of vaca­tion per year of ser­vice to a max­i­mum of 4 weeks (160 hours) of vacation

It is agreed that the intent of this Arti­cle is to pro­vide vaca­tions to eli­gi­ble offi­cers who have been con­sis­tent­ly employed.  Con­sis­tent employ­ment shall be con­strued to mean the receipt of earn­ings or com­pen­sa­tion con­sist­ing of workmen’s com­pen­sa­tion in at least sev­en­­ty-five per­cent (75%) of the pay peri­ods with­in the year imme­di­ate­ly pre­ced­ing the officer’s anniver­sary date.  No offi­cer shall be eli­gi­ble to receive any ben­e­fits under this Arti­cle if he quits or resigns from the employ­ment of the Employ­er with­out giv­ing two (2) weeks notice in writ­ing of his inten­tion to resign.

Sec­tion 2.  Vaca­tion Pay.  All vaca­tion leave will be paid for at the reg­u­lar hourly rate.

Sec­tion 3.  Vaca­tion Requests.  Except for an occa­sion­al day which is tak­en as vaca­tion leave, all offi­cers must sub­mit, in writ­ing, to the Sher­iff, a sched­ule of designed vaca­tion pri­or to Feb­ru­ary 1st of each year.  Con­flicts in sched­ul­ing will be resolved in favor of the most senior offi­cer.  At least one day’s notice shall be giv­en for a one day’s leave.  The Sher­iff shall have the right to alter any sched­ule if he deems it to be for the best inter­est of the Depart­ment to do so.  No offi­cer shall be enti­tled to pri­or­i­ty in select­ing his vaca­tion for more than two (2) weeks in each cal­en­dar year.

Sec­tion 4.  Vaca­tion Car­ry Over.  When offi­cers have vaca­tion can­celed through no fault of their own, offi­cers shall be per­mit­ted to car­ry a max­i­mum of three (3) weeks over from year to year.  Any vaca­tion time exceed­ing three (3) weeks as of Novem­ber 30th shall be paid in cash with the first pay­check in December.

Sec­tion 5.  Pay­ment of Accrued Vaca­tion.  When an offi­cer ter­mi­nates employ­ment with the Employ­er, he shall be paid for all unused vaca­tion accrued dur­ing the pri­or fis­cal year, and any amount for the cur­rent year pro-rat­ed to the por­tion of the cur­rent year that has elapsed.