Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

11-4-A-18 Vacations

Section 1.  Vacation Leave.  All full-time officers shall earn vacation time.  Officers on leave of absence or layoff shall not accrue vacation time.  Eligible officers shall earn vacation time in accordance with the following schedule:

All regular officers within the bargaining unit shall be entitled to vacation time with pay under the following schedule:

1 – 10 years of service 2 weeks

10 years of service 3 weeks

11 years of service and beyond 3 weeks plus one normal work day of vacation per year of service to a maximum of 4 weeks (160 hours) of vacation

It is agreed that the intent of this Article is to provide vacations to eligible officers who have been consistently employed.  Consistent employment shall be construed to mean the receipt of earnings or compensation consisting of workmen’s compensation in at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the pay periods within the year immediately preceding the officer’s anniversary date.  No officer shall be eligible to receive any benefits under this Article if he quits or resigns from the employment of the Employer without giving two (2) weeks notice in writing of his intention to resign.

Section 2.  Vacation Pay.  All vacation leave will be paid for at the regular hourly rate.

Section 3.  Vacation Requests.  Except for an occasional day which is taken as vacation leave, all officers must submit, in writing, to the Sheriff, a schedule of designed vacation prior to February 1st of each year.  Conflicts in scheduling will be resolved in favor of the most senior officer.  At least one day’s notice shall be given for a one day’s leave.  The Sheriff shall have the right to alter any schedule if he deems it to be for the best interest of the Department to do so.  No officer shall be entitled to priority in selecting his vacation for more than two (2) weeks in each calendar year.

Section 4.  Vacation Carry Over.  When officers have vacation canceled through no fault of their own, officers shall be permitted to carry a maximum of three (3) weeks over from year to year.  Any vacation time exceeding three (3) weeks as of November 30th shall be paid in cash with the first paycheck in December.

Section 5.  Payment of Accrued Vacation.  When an officer terminates employment with the Employer, he shall be paid for all unused vacation accrued during the prior fiscal year, and any amount for the current year pro-rated to the portion of the current year that has elapsed.

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