Sec­tion 1.  Allowance.  It is the pol­i­cy of Union Coun­ty to pro­vide pro­tec­tion for its full-time offi­cers against loss of income because of ill­ness.  All eli­gi­ble offi­cers are encour­aged to save as much sick leave as pos­si­ble to meet seri­ous ill­ness sit­u­a­tions.  Sick leave is not intend­ed for a one (1) day vaca­tion nor to be used to extend vaca­tion peri­ods or hol­i­days.  Any offi­cer con­tract­ing or incur­ring any non-ser­vice con­nect­ed sick­ness or dis­abil­i­ty, which ren­ders such offi­cer unable to per­form the duties of his 
employ­ment, shall receive sick leave with pay in accor­dance with this Agree­ment.  In accor­dance with past prac­tice, sick leave may be used for the case of mem­bers of the employee’s imme­di­ate family.

Sec­tion 2.  Accu­mu­la­tion.  Sick leave will be grant­ed at the rate of one (1) sick day per month of ser­vice.  Sick leave may be accu­mu­lat­ed and car­ried over from year to year indef­i­nite­ly.  Upon lay­off, retire­ment, or res­ig­na­tion, no more than nine­ty (90) days accu­mu­lat­ed sick leave shall be paid to the employ­ee.  Any sick leave paid at retire­ment can­not be used for cal­cu­lat­ing ser­vice cred­it in accor­dance with Illi­nois Munic­i­pal Retire­ment Fund guidelines.

Sec­tion 3.  Qual­i­fi­ca­tion Peri­ods.  Sick leave pay­ments will begin only after the third day of ill­ness, except in the case of hos­pi­tal­iza­tion or in the case where the offi­cer has accu­mu­lat­ed more than fif­teen (15) sick days.

Sec­tion 4.  Pro­ce­dures.  No offi­cer will be per­mit­ted to take leave if it has not yet been earned.  Sick leave shall be paid at full pay at the cur­rent rate of com­pen­sa­tion.  Sick leave may be uti­lized by offi­cers when they are suf­fi­cient­ly ill so that good judg­ment would deter­mine it best not to report to work or in the event of injury not aris­ing out of or in the course of their employ­ment and for rou­tine med­ical and den­tal appoint­ments.  All fore­see­able leave for such pur­pos­es shall require a spe­cif­ic pri­or approval of the Sher­iff; in the event of sick leave for any pur­pose, the Sher­iff may require the cer­tifi­cate of a physi­cian giv­ing infor­ma­tion as to the cir­cum­stances involved.  Offi­cers who are unable to return to work upon expi­ra­tion of sick leave ben­e­fits and all oth­er autho­rized ben­e­fit time must request a leave of absence with­out pay.  Non-paid sick leave shall be equiv­a­lent to the total accu­mu­lat­ed sick leave avail­able on the first day of ill­ness, or thir­ty (30) cal­en­dar days, whichev­er is greater.  Fail­ure to apply for a leave of absence for extend­ed ill­ness upon expi­ra­tion of all such ben­e­fits will result in auto­mat­ic termination.

Any absence of three (3) work­ing days or longer may require a physician’s state­ment of release and ver­i­fi­ca­tion sub­stan­ti­at­ing that he may return to work.  In addi­tion, the Sher­iff may request a physician’s state­ment of ver­i­fi­ca­tion of absence of short­er peri­ods of time.  The Sher­iff may also require the offi­cer to be exam­ined by a physi­cian of the Sheriff’s choice and at the expense of the Employ­er.  Notice of an officer’s desire to return to work after an extend­ed ill­ness must be giv­en to the Sher­iff no less than twen­­ty-four (24) hours in advance.  The Sher­iff or any autho­rized super­vi­sor may direct an offi­cer who appears ill to leave work to pro­tect the health of oth­er offi­cers.  Com­pli­ance with such an order will not be charged to sick leave for the first day.  An offi­cer shall be paid sick leave equiv­a­lent to the nor­mal­ly sched­uled straight time day.

The Sher­iff shall main­tain a record of sick leave accru­al, sick leave tak­en, and the bal­ance of sick leave allowance avail­able for the indi­vid­ual officers.

Sec­tion 5.  Sick Leave Abuse Sanc­tions.  For the pur­pos­es of the pro­vi­sions con­tained in this Arti­cle, “abuse” of sick leave is the uti­liza­tion of such for rea­sons oth­er than those stat­ed in Sec­tion 1 of this Arti­cle.  Upon suf­fi­cient evi­dence of the abuse of such sick leave, the offi­cer shall not be paid for such leave tak­en nor shall the offi­cer accrue any rights such as senior­i­ty or oth­er rights.  Suf­fi­cient evi­dence of abuse shall be pre­sumed if the offi­cer is found not to be at home or the offi­cer can­not estab­lish that he has sought med­ical treat­ment.  Con­tin­ued “abuse” of sick leave shall sub­ject the offi­cer to dis­ci­pli­nary action pur­suant to the terms of this Agree­ment.  All offi­cers agree to coop­er­ate ful­ly with the Depart­ment in ver­i­fy­ing illness.