Sec­tion 1.  Dis­cre­tionary Leave.

(A) The Sher­iff may grant leaves of absence, with­out pay or salary, to offi­cers under his super­vi­sion for job-relat­ed rea­sons (such as fur­ther train­ing or study), which will enable offi­cers to per­form their usu­al and cus­tom­ary duties with greater effi­cien­cy and exper­tise, or for oth­er valid rea­sons (such as pro­longed ill­ness of the offi­cer, his spouse, or his child or chil­dren, or childbirth).

(B) The Sher­iff may assure an offi­cer who is grant­ed such leave, that the officer’s posi­tion, or job, will be restored to him at the con­clu­sion of such leave; pro­vid­ed, how­ev­er, that the officer’s employ­ment by the Coun­ty might, and could, be ter­mi­nat­ed if, dur­ing the peri­od of such leave, the officer’s posi­tion, or job, were to be elim­i­nat­ed by action of the Coun­ty Board or the enact­ment or amend­ment of state or fed­er­al leg­is­la­tion would result in the elim­i­na­tion of such posi­tion or job.  In that event, any per­son hired to fill the officer’s posi­tion, or to per­form his usu­al and cus­tom­ary duties dur­ing the officer’s leave will be dis­charged so as to per­mit such offi­cer to resume employment.

(C) No leave shall be grant­ed for a peri­od exceed­ing one hun­dred eighty (180) con­sec­u­tive cal­en­dar days, nor shall any offi­cer be grant­ed a leave, or leaves, total­ing more than one hun­dred eighty (180) days in a giv­en cal­en­dar year with­out the approval of theCountyBoard.

(D) An offi­cer on leave will not accrue any ben­e­fits whatsoever.

Sec­tion 2.  Absence Due to Death in Imme­di­ate Family.

(A) In the event of the death of an imme­di­ate fam­i­ly mem­ber, an offi­cer shall be per­mit­ted to be absent from his job for an appro­pri­ate num­ber of days up to three (3) days per year with the Sheriff’s approval, and for each such day’s absence, the offi­cer shall receive com­pen­sa­tion at his nor­mal rate of pay.  If the offi­cer desires to be absent for more than three (3) days, he may uti­lize pre­vi­ous­ly earned, unused, vaca­tion days and receive com­pen­sa­tion for each such addi­tion­al day’s absence at his nor­mal rate of pay, pro­vid­ed that the Sher­iff approves such addi­tion­al absence.

(B) Any absence to attend the funer­al of any­one who is not a mem­ber of an officer’s imme­di­ate fam­i­ly may be arranged with the Sher­iff, with­out pay, but pre­vi­ous­ly earned and unused vaca­tion days may be uti­lized in such case with the con­sent of the Sheriff.

Sec­tion 3.  Jury Duty.  An offi­cer required to serve on a grand jury or petit jury shall be grant­ed leave for the peri­od required to serve on such jury with­out loss of pay.  Such offi­cers shall sign a waiv­er of any com­pen­sa­tion oth­er­wise due them for ser­vice on such jury.

Sec­tion 4.  Pro­hi­bi­tion Against Mis­use of Leaves.  Dur­ing any leaves grant­ed pur­suant to the terms of this Agree­ment, regard­less of being with or with­out pay, an offi­cer may not be gain­ful­ly employed or inde­pen­dent­ly self-employed with­out pri­or approval by the Employ­er.  Vio­la­tion of the pro­vi­sions con­tained with­in this Agree­ment shall sub­ject the offi­cer to imme­di­ate dis­charge and loss of all ben­e­fits and rights accrued pur­suant to the terms of this Agreement.

Sec­tion 5.  Short-Term Mil­i­tary Leave.  The Employ­er agrees to abide by state and fed­er­al law as cur­rent­ly writ­ten and as may be amend­ed from time to time.  The Employ­er may opt to pro­vide addi­tion­al ben­e­fits for mem­bers serv­ing in the mil­i­tary, how­ev­er, the Employ­er shall nev­er pro­vide less than required by State and Fed­er­al law.

Sec­tion 6.  Injury Leave.  An offi­cer who sus­tains injuries aris­ing out of and in the course of this employ­ment shall be cov­ered by the pro­vi­sions of 5 ILCS 345/1Illi­nois Com­piled Statutes.  No offi­cer will lose any ben­e­fits dur­ing the statu­to­ry peri­od while injured on duty, and will con­tin­ue to accu­mu­late all ben­e­fits pro­vid­ed by this mem­o­ran­dum.  Offi­cers on injury leave may be returned to light duty if able to per­form the work and placed at the dis­cre­tion of the Department.