The Employ­er pos­sess­es the sole right to oper­ate the Sheriff’s Office of the Coun­ty and all man­age­ment rights repose in it.

Noth­ing here­in shall affect the inter­nal con­trol author­i­ty of the Sher­iff.  Except as specif­i­cal­ly amend­ed, changed or mod­i­fied by the Agree­ment, these rights include, but are not lim­it­ed to, the following:

(A) To direct all oper­a­tions of the Employer;

(B) To estab­lish rea­son­able work rules and sched­ules of work;

(C) To hire or pro­mote from the Mer­it Com­mis­sion eli­gi­bil­i­ty list, trans­fer, sched­ule and assign offi­cers in posi­tions and to cre­ate, com­bine, mod­i­fy and elim­i­nate posi­tions with­in the County;

(D) To sus­pend, dis­charge and take oth­er dis­ci­pli­nary action against offi­cers under the estab­lished work rules and reg­u­la­tions of the Sheriff’s Police and the pro­vi­sions of this Agreement;

(E) To lay off officers;

(F) To main­tain effi­cien­cy of Employ­er operations;

(G) To intro­duce new or improved meth­ods or facilities;

(H) To change exist­ing meth­ods or facilities;

(I) To deter­mine the kinds and amounts of ser­vices to be per­formed as per­tains to Employ­er oper­a­tions; and the num­ber and kind of clas­si­fi­ca­tions to per­form such services;

(J) To con­tract out for goods or services;

(K) To deter­mine the meth­ods, means and per­son­nel by which Employ­er oper­a­tions are to be conducted;

(L) To take what­ev­er action is nec­es­sary to car­ry out the func­tions of the Employ­er in sit­u­a­tions of emergency.

It is under­stood and agreed that any of the rights, pow­ers, or author­i­ty the Employ­er had pri­or to the sign­ing of this Agree­ment are retained by the Employ­er except those specif­i­cal­ly abridged, grant­ed, or mod­i­fied by this Agreement.