(1) All reg­u­lar employ­ees shall receive eight (8) hours pay at their reg­u­lar rate for the fol­low­ing hol­i­days with­out work­ing such days:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanks­giv­ing Day
  • Mar­tin Luther Kind Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Memo­r­i­al Day
  • Lincoln’s Birth­day
  • July 4th
  • Washington’s Birth­day
  • Labor Day
  • Good Fri­day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Colum­bus Day
  • Christ­mas Day
  • Elec­tion Day (even years)
  • Employee’s Birth­day

plus any oth­er hol­i­day grant­ed cour­t­house employ­ees and one (1) per­son­al day.

(2) All work per­formed on hol­i­days under the terms of this Agree­ment shall be paid for at dou­ble the reg­u­lar rate in addi­tion to the hol­i­day pay grant­ed above.

(3) All reg­u­lar employ­ees shall have worked his sched­uled work­day before and his sched­uled work­day after the hol­i­day unless at the Depart­ments dis­cre­tion the employ­ee is excused from the day’s work by his super­vi­sor.  Employ­ees on tem­po­rary lay-off shall be enti­tled to hol­i­day pay for Christ­mas Day, New Year’s Day, Memo­r­i­al Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanks­giv­ing Day, after being called back to work, and employ­ees off sick dur­ing any hol­i­day shall be enti­tled to hol­i­day pay by fur­nish­ing proof from the doc­tor of illness.

(4)     It is agreed that all employ­ees who have been in the employ of the Coun­ty High­way Depart­ment for a peri­od of one (1) year shall receive one (1) week vaca­tion with pay on the basis of a forty (40) hour week at the reg­u­lar rate of pay and after two (2) years of ser­vice, each employ­ee shall receive two (2) 
 vaca­tion with pay on the basis of a forty (40) hour week, and after nine (9) years ser­vice each employ­ee shall receive three (3) weeks vaca­tion with pay on the basis of a forty (40) hour week and after fif­teen (15) years of ser­vice each employ­ee shall receive four (4) weeks vaca­tion with pay on the basis of a forty (40) hour week.  If an employ­ee quits or is dis­charged he shall receive vaca­tion pay based on time worked dur­ing the year.  No employ­ee will lose vaca­tion because of illness.

(5)  All accrued vaca­tion time will be used by employ­ees as soon as pos­si­ble, and in no event lat­er than one (1) year after their next anniver­sary date, and there­after, no employ­ee shall accu­mu­late vaca­tion leave in excess of that which was earned the pre­vi­ous year by Decem­ber 31.

(6) Years of ser­vice are deter­mined since the employ­ee was hired by the Depart­ment, not since he joined theUnion.