Tem­po­rary employee/s may be used by the Com­pa­ny under the terms of this Agree­ment, how­ev­er, no tem­po­rary employee/s shall be allowed to work when those employee/s con­sid­ered per­ma­nent are off work through no fault of their own.  An Employee/s shall be con­sid­ered tem­po­rary for a peri­od not to exceed one hun­dred eighty (180) cal­en­dar days from the day of hire and shall be com­pen­sat­ed at One Dol­lar ($1.00) per hour less than Group II employee/s.  No tem­po­rary employee/s shall accu­mu­late senior­i­ty under the terms of this Agree­ment, nor be enti­tled to oth­er pro­vi­sions afford­ed per­ma­nent employee/s, how­ev­er, should the Depart­ment allow tem­po­rary employee/s the oppor­tu­ni­ty to fill a vacan­cy cre­at­ed in a per­ma­nent posi­tion, that date shall be used to deter­mine the employee’s date of hire, and there­after, the employee/s shall be enti­tled to all pro­vi­sions of the Agree­ment.  Tem­po­rary employ­ees shall receive Hol­i­day pay for cov­ered hol­i­days dur­ing their work sea­son.  Tem­po­rary employ­ees shall pay the sum of Eight Dol­lars ($8.00) per week work­ing dues to I.U.O.E. Local 318,3310 Water Tow­er Rd., Mar­i­on, Illi­nois 62959 dur­ing their work season.


Dur­ing the term of this Agree­ment, the employ­er will not allow NON-BARGAINING WORKERS to dri­ve and/or run any motor­ized equip­ment over thir­ty (30) horse­pow­er.  Ceme­tery crew will be allowed to dri­ve a pick-up truck to job site.