Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

11-4-B-4 Temporary Employees

Temporary employee/s may be used by the Company under the terms of this Agreement, however, no temporary employee/s shall be allowed to work when those employee/s considered permanent are off work through no fault of their own.  An Employee/s shall be considered temporary for a period not to exceed one hundred eighty (180) calendar days from the day of hire and shall be compensated at One Dollar ($1.00) per hour less than Group II employee/s.  No temporary employee/s shall accumulate seniority under the terms of this Agreement, nor be entitled to other provisions afforded permanent employee/s, however, should the Department allow temporary employee/s the opportunity to fill a vacancy created in a permanent position, that date shall be used to determine the employee’s date of hire, and thereafter, the employee/s shall be entitled to all provisions of the Agreement.  Temporary employees shall receive Holiday pay for covered holidays during their work season.  Temporary employees shall pay the sum of Eight Dollars ($8.00) per week working dues to I.U.O.E. Local 318,3310 Water Tower Rd., Marion, Illinois 62959 during their work season.


During the term of this Agreement, the employer will not allow NON-BARGAINING WORKERS to drive and/or run any motorized equipment over thirty (30) horsepower.  Cemetery crew will be allowed to drive a pick-up truck to job site.

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