For the fis­cal peri­od com­menc­ing Decem­ber 1, 2008, hourly wage rates will be as follows:

Employee’s Work.  56 hours per week x 52 weeks = 2,912 hours per year

Exam­ples for cur­rent wage increas­es are as follows:

  Cur­rent Hourly Rates                     12-01-2008          12-01-2009 

$7.88                                        $8.23                     $8.58

7.96                                          8.31                      8.66

7.97                                          8.32                      8.67

7.98                                          8.33                      8.68

8.32                                          8.67                      9.02

8.39                                          8.74                      9.09

8.93                                          9.28                      9.63

9.33                                          9.68                     10.03

11.08                                        11.43                     11.78


Start­ing wages will be as follows:


       Start­ing Wages                          12-01-2008          12-01-2009 

EMT Basic                                                 $8.00                     $8.25

EMT Inter­me­di­ate                                        8.40                      8.65


In addi­tion to the above stat­ed rates for Advanced Inter­me­di­ate posi­tions, an addi­tion­al Forty Cents ($0.40) per hour will be added to the base wage rate when all class/clinical hours are com­plet­ed and ALS care is imple­ment­ed.  This is to include new drugs, mon­i­tors, skills and any oth­er equip­ment that may be utilized.

In addi­tion, employ­ees shall receive longevi­ty increas­es to be added as follows:

(A) Upon com­ple­tion of each two (2) years of ser­vice an addi­tion­al one per­cent (1%)per hour.

(B) Des­ig­nat­ed Team Cap­tains shall receive an addi­tion­al One Hun­dred Dol­lars ($100.00) per month, flat rate.

Longevi­ty is deter­mined by years of ser­vice in the cur­rent office of ser­vice.  The longevi­ty increase is not cumulative.

(C) Full time employ­ees who take call on their day off will receive Six Dol­lars Twen­­ty-Five Cents ($6.25) per hour for a total of eight (8) hours.  Full time employ­ees who choose to work at the quar­ters for their shift will receive their reg­u­lar over­time rate of pay.  The deci­sion for the on-call rate or the over­time rate will be made pri­or to the date of the shift, unless sched­ul­ing con­flicts do not per­mit it.  Employ­ees will receive the on-call rate, or the over­time rate, but not a mix­ture of both for the same shift.