Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

11-4-C-24 Wages

For the fiscal period commencing December 1, 2008, hourly wage rates will be as follows:

Employee’s Work.  56 hours per week x 52 weeks = 2,912 hours per year

Examples for current wage increases are as follows:

  Current Hourly Rates                     12-01-2008          12-01-2009                  

$7.88                                        $8.23                     $8.58

7.96                                          8.31                      8.66

7.97                                          8.32                      8.67

7.98                                          8.33                      8.68

8.32                                          8.67                      9.02

8.39                                          8.74                      9.09

8.93                                          9.28                      9.63

9.33                                          9.68                     10.03

11.08                                        11.43                     11.78


Starting wages will be as follows:


       Starting Wages                          12-01-2008          12-01-2009                  

EMT Basic                                                 $8.00                     $8.25

EMT Intermediate                                        8.40                      8.65


In addition to the above stated rates for Advanced Intermediate positions, an additional Forty Cents ($0.40) per hour will be added to the base wage rate when all class/clinical hours are completed and ALS care is implemented.  This is to include new drugs, monitors, skills and any other equipment that may be utilized.

In addition, employees shall receive longevity increases to be added as follows:

(A) Upon completion of each two (2) years of service an additional one percent (1%)per hour.

(B) Designated Team Captains shall receive an additional One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per month, flat rate.

Longevity is determined by years of service in the current office of service.  The longevity increase is not cumulative.

(C) Full time employees who take call on their day off will receive Six Dollars Twenty-Five Cents ($6.25) per hour for a total of eight (8) hours.  Full time employees who choose to work at the quarters for their shift will receive their regular overtime rate of pay.  The decision for the on-call rate or the overtime rate will be made prior to the date of the shift, unless scheduling conflicts do not permit it.  Employees will receive the on-call rate, or the overtime rate, but not a mixture of both for the same shift.

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