This Agree­ment shall be in full force and effect from Decem­ber 1, 2008, until Novem­ber 30, 2010, and shall auto­mat­i­cal­ly con­tin­ue year to year there­after.  Either par­ty desir­ing change or mod­i­fi­ca­tion in the same shall noti­fy the oth­er par­ty in writ­ing at least six­ty (60) days pri­or to Novem­ber 30, 2010.  Such oth­er par­ty must grant a meet­ing to the oth­er par­ty desir­ing the change with­in thir­ty (30) days after such noti­fi­ca­tion.  If the Agree­ment is not reopened in a time­ly man­ner, it shall con­tin­ue in force and effect for addi­tion­al one (1) year.

Due to the fact these employ­ees pro­vide a vital and nec­es­sary ser­vice the fol­low­ing pro­ce­dure is here­by agreed to in the event of an impasse at the expi­ra­tion of this Agreement.