All dues, ini­ti­a­tion fees, and assess­ments levied by the Union on the employ­ees cov­ered by this Agree­ment shall be checked off from the wages of such employ­ees from each pay check after the Coun­ty receives signed autho­riza­tion from the bar­gain­ing unit employ­ees to make such deduc­tions.  Any delin­quent dues and/or ini­ti­a­tion fees shall be col­lect­ed by the­Union. The Union shall indem­ni­fy and hold the Employ­er harm­less against any claim, demand, suit or lia­bil­i­ty aris­ing from any action tak­en by the Employ­er in complying.

The fol­low­ing autho­riza­tion will be signed by the employee:


I,                                                       , here­by autho­rize my employ­er to deduct from my wages each and every month an amount equal to the month­ly dues, ini­ti­a­tion fees and uni­form assess­ments of Local #347, and direct such amounts so deduct­ed to be turned over each month to the Sec­re­­tary-Trea­­sur­er of the Local Union on my behalf.

This autho­riza­tion is vol­un­tary and is con­di­tioned on my present or future mem­ber­ship in theUnion.

This autho­riza­tion and assign­ment shall be irrev­o­ca­ble for the term of the applic­a­ble con­tract between the Union and the Employ­er or for one (1) year, whichev­er is the less­er, and shall auto­mat­i­cal­ly renew itself for suc­ces­sive year­ly or applic­a­ble con­tract peri­ods there­after, whichev­er is less­er, unless I give writ­ten notice to the Employ­er and the Union at least six­ty (60) days, but not more than sev­en­­ty-five (75) days before any peri­od­ic renew­al date of this autho­riza­tion and assign­ment of my desire to revoke same.


Employ­ee Signature