It is under­stood and agreed that the Coun­ty pos­sess­es the sole and unre­strict­ed right to plan and con­duct its oper­a­tions and to deter­mine the con­di­tions of employ­ment of its employ­ees, except where that right is clear­ly, express­ly, and specif­i­cal­ly lim­it­ed in this Agree­ment.  Noth­ing here­in shall affect the inter­nal con­trol author­i­ty of the Coun­ty as ref­er­enced in State Statute.

Rights which the Coun­ty may exer­cise include, but are not lim­it­ed to, the following:

  1. To deter­mine its mis­sion, orga­ni­za­tion, bud­get, method of oper­a­tion, and stan­dards of service.
  2. To deter­mine the meth­ods and means, includ­ing num­ber and type of per­son­nel, need­ed to car­ry out its mission.
  3. To plan, direct, and con­trol the work of employ­ees, includ­ing the assign­ment of overtime.
  4. To select new employ­ees and to pro­mote cur­rent employees.
  5. To sus­pend, demote, dis­charge or take oth­er dis­ci­pli­nary action against employ­ees for just cause.
  6. To lay off employ­ees for lack of work or funds or for oth­er legit­i­mate reason.
  7. To intro­duce new or improved meth­ods, equip­ment, and facilities.
  8. To con­tract for goods and ser­vices, pro­vid­ed that the Coun­ty will noti­fy the Union pri­or to con­tract­ing out ser­vices to the extent that wages, hours or ben­e­fits of bar­gain­ing unit employ­ees may be reduced.  Upon request, the Coun­ty will meet and nego­ti­ate with the Union over the impact of such con­tract­ing out.

The Coun­ty rec­og­nizes the inter­est of the Union in any changes which affect the work­ing con­di­tions of employ­ees rep­re­sent­ed by the Union, and con­se­quent­ly agrees to inform the Union of such changes.