(A) Employ­ees shall earn vaca­tion time off as follows:

After one (1) year of ser­vice -> One (1) 72-hour week of vacation

Upon com­ple­tion of two (2) years of ser­vice -> Two (2) weeks of vaca­tion (one 72-hour week and one 48-hour week)

Upon com­ple­tion of ten (10) years of ser­vice  ->Three (3) weeks of vaca­tion (two 72-hour weeks and one 48-hour week)

Upon com­ple­tion of fif­teen (15) years of ser­vice -> Four (4) weeks of vaca­tion (two 72-hour weeks and two 48-hour weeks)

(B) Vaca­tion time shall be award­ed on the anniver­sary date fol­low­ing com­ple­tion of the above years of ser­vice.  Vaca­tion time shall be pro-rat­ed for the num­ber of months actu­al­ly employed dur­ing the year should an employ­ee resign his posi­tion or oth­er­wise be ter­mi­nat­ed before the year of employ­ment has been completed.

(C) Vaca­tion time does not accu­mu­late from year to year.  It must be tak­en with­in a year after it is earned.

(D) Vaca­tion days may be used sep­a­rate­ly or tak­en in forty-eight (48) hour or sev­en­­ty-two (72) hour work weeks.  No more than three (3) indi­vid­ual twen­­ty-four (24) hour shift days can be tak­en indi­vid­u­al­ly as vaca­tion in any cal­en­dar year.

Employ­ees shall make every effort to give the Coun­ty at least ten (10) work­ing days notice of their request for vaca­tion days.  All vaca­tion days that are to be used shall be by mutu­al con­sent of Employ­er and employee.

(E) When an employ­ee sched­ules a short (forty-eight (48) hour) vaca­tion week, in place of a long (sev­en­­ty-two (72) hour) week, the remain­ing twen­­ty-four (24) hour hours may be allowed to be tak­en at a lat­er time.  This shall be sub­ject to man­age­ment approval and based on avail­abil­i­ty as to not inter­fere with oth­er sched­uled vaca­tion time.  It is under­stood that this use of vaca­tion time shall be with pri­or Approval of the Direc­tor of his designee, and that the use of short (forty-eight (48) hour) weeks so that more than three (3) indi­vid­ual twen­­ty-four (24) hour shifts may be tak­en in one (1) year shall be allowed.

(F) Vaca­tion time request­ed pri­or to and until March 1st of each cal­en­dar year shall be sched­uled based on employ­ee senior­i­ty.  Vaca­tion time request­ed after March 1st shall be sched­uled based on the order in which requests are received and availability.

Any­time two (2) or more employ­ees request vaca­tion time that con­flicts with dai­ly oper­a­tions it will be resolved with management’s discretion.

Man­age­ment shall reserve the right to reject vaca­tion time that con­flicts with oth­er requests or dai­ly operations.