Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

11-5-8 Child Abuse Incident Reporting and Follow-up

(A) Sexual child abuse as used in this Chapter is defined as: Child for the purposes of child abuse is defined as a person under eighteen (18) years of age, who prior to juvenile proceedings, has not been judicially emancipated or emancipated by marriage.  Abuse means any one of the following acts which seriously endanger the physical, mental or emotional health of a child.

(1) The infliction, attempted infliction, or as a result of inadequate supervision the allowance of the infliction of physical or mental injury upon a child by a parent of any other person.

(2) The exploitation or overwork of a child by a parent or any other person.

(3) The involvement of the child in any sexual act with a parent or any other person, or the aiding or toleration by the parent or caretaker of the child’s sexual involvement with any other person or the child’s involvement in pornographic displays, or any other involvement of a child in sexual activity constituting a crime under the laws of this State.

Sexual abuse of a minor is a crime.

(B) Any case of known or suspected child abuse of a minor shall be reported immediately in compliance with Illinois mandatory reporting guidelines and to the Sexual Misconduct Coordinator, the State’s Attorney’s Office, and Sheriff’s Department.

(C) In the event that the Sexual Misconduct Coordinator is first notified of an incident of known or suspected child abuse, the Sexual Misconduct Coordinator shall immediately notify the child’s parent or legal guardian as the case may be and the appropriate legal authorities as required by the state or local law.  The Sexual Misconduct Coordinator shall prepare a Suspected Child Abuse Standard Report and immediately follow-up to investigate the incident and to ascertain the condition of the child.  The Sexual Misconduct Coordinator shall consult and communicate with the State’s Attorney as necessary.

(D) Any employee involved in a reported incident of sexual misconduct and/or child abuse shall be immediately relieved of responsibilities that involve interaction with minors or shall be suspended as determined by the employee’s supervisor.  Reinstatement of employees involved in a reported incident of child abuse shall occur only after all allegations of child abuse have been fully investigated and resolved by the County.

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