The degree of pro­tec­tion required by this Code is con­sid­ered rea­son­able for reg­u­la­to­ry pur­pos­es and is based on avail­able infor­ma­tion derived from engi­neer­ing and sci­en­tif­ic meth­ods of study.  Larg­er floods may occur or flood heights may be increased by man-made or nat­ur­al caus­es.  This Code does not imply that devel­op­ment either inside or out­side of the flood­plain will be free from flood­ing or dam­age.  This Code does not cre­ate lia­bil­i­ty on the part of Union Coun­ty or any offi­cer or employ­ee there­of for any flood dam­age that results from prop­er reliance on this Code or any admin­is­tra­tive deci­sion made law­ful­ly there under.