(A) Pub­lic health stan­dards must be met for all flood­plain devel­op­ment.  In addi­tion to the require­ments of Sec­tions 14–1‑6 and 14–1‑7, the fol­low­ing stan­dards apply:

  1. No devel­op­ment in the flood­plain shall include locat­ing or stor­ing chem­i­cals, explo­sives, buoy­ant mate­ri­als, flam­ma­ble liq­uids, pol­lu­tants, or oth­er haz­ardous or tox­ic mate­ri­als below the flood pro­tec­tion ele­va­tion unless such mate­ri­als are stored in a flood­proofed and anchored stor­age tank and cer­ti­fied by a pro­fes­sion­al engi­neer or flood­proofed build­ing con­struct­ed accord­ing to the require­ments of Sec­tion 14–1‑7 of this Code.
  2. Pub­lic util­i­ties and facil­i­ties such as sew­er, gas and elec­tric shall be locat­ed and con­struct­ed to min­i­mize or elim­i­nate flood damage.
  3. Pub­lic san­i­tary sew­er sys­tems and water sup­ply sys­tems shall be locat­ed and con­struct­ed to min­i­mize or elim­i­nate infil­tra­tion of flood waters into the sys­tems and dis­charges from the sys­tems into flood waters.
  4. New and replace­ment on-site san­i­tary sew­er lines or waste dis­pos­al sys­tems shall be locat­ed and con­struct­ed to avoid impair­ment to them or con­t­a­m­i­na­tion from them dur­ing 
    flood­ing.  Man­holes or oth­er above ground open­ings locat­ed below the flood pro­tec­tion ele­va­tion shall be watertight.
  5. Con­struc­tion of new or sub­stan­tial­ly improved crit­i­cal facil­i­ties shall be locat­ed out­side the lim­its of the flood­plain.  Con­struc­tion of new crit­i­cal facil­i­ties shall be per­mis­si­ble with­in the flood­plain if no fea­si­ble alter­na­tive site is avail­able.  Crit­i­cal facil­i­ties con­struct­ed with­in the SFHA shall have the low­est floor (includ­ing base­ment) ele­vat­ed or struc­tural­ly dry flood­proofed to the 500-year flood fre­quen­cy ele­va­tion or three (3) feet above the lev­el of the 100-year flood fre­quen­cy ele­va­tion whichev­er is greater.  Flood­proof­ing and seal­ing mea­sures must be tak­en to ensure that tox­ic sub­stances will not be dis­placed by or released into flood­wa­ters.  Access routes ele­vat­ed to or above the lev­el of the base flood ele­va­tion shall be pro­vid­ed to all crit­i­cal facilities.

(B) All oth­er activ­i­ties defined as devel­op­ment shall be designed so as not to alter flood flows or increase poten­tial flood damages.