For seri­ous or repeat­ed vio­la­tions of any of the require­ments of this Code, or for inter­fer­ence with the Health Author­i­ty in the per­for­mance of their duties, the per­mit may be per­ma­nent­ly revoked after an oppor­tu­ni­ty for a hear­ing has been pro­vid­ed by the Health Author­i­ty.  Pri­or to such action, the Health Author­i­ty shall noti­fy the per­mit hold­er in writ­ing, stat­ing the rea­sons for which the per­mit is sub­ject to revo­ca­tion and advis­ing that the per­mit shall be per­ma­nent­ly revoked at the end of ten (10) work­ing days fol­low­ing ser­vice of such notice, unless a request for a hear­ing is filed with the Health Author­i­ty, by the per­mit hold­er, with­in the ten (10) day peri­od.  A per­mit may be sus­pend­ed for a cause pend­ing its revo­ca­tion or a hear­ing relat­ed hereto.

Upon revo­ca­tion of an establishment’s per­mit, the Health Author­i­ty shall noti­fy the State’s Attor­ney of the coun­ty in which the estab­lish­ment is locat­ed.  It shall be the State’s Attorney’s office to enforce clo­sure of the establishment.